28 Jan

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

Prrimary school ended on a good note, everyone eas glad the baby of the house is going to the next level. As expected there was a dilemma, everyone wanted me so close to home, but I was tired, I needed to live, I needed to explore and be alone, I needed the fresh air away […]

28 Jan


Everybody was confused. Those who were asleep before were now wide awake. Everybody turned to the mumbling boy who was now was sitting quietly on his seat.“The devil is coming” he repeatedly said under his breath. “What the fuck is going on?” one of the guys asked. Suki looked out the window. Pitch darkness covered […]

25 Jan


Libya, oh Libya Why have you cast your hand of terror on our brothers? You presume us weak and defenseless You think you see right through our weakness and deepest fears You exploit our hustle and struggle for survival You treat our brothers like animals and objects of domination You bound our brother’s wrists and […]

25 Jan

Now A Slave

“You are your state of mind”. That is one big truth that has been the driving force of every individual, whether consciously or unconsciously and just like being a hero is a state of mind, so is being a slave.” She reflected on these words as the truth gradually presented itself to her and she […]

24 Jan

Who Is She?

She has always been with me She sleeps by my side She wakes with me When I look in the mirror She’s right there staring back at me She dines with me She wines with me She dresses up with me She goes out with me She sits with me She walks with me She […]

24 Jan

Money and Sex

You all remember I had the girls the last time? Guess what… Hey my darling men, I’m not letting you go this easy, you are twice as guilty, as we ladies can’t seem to satisfy you. You see a boss lady, you complain of her not making you feel like a”man” when it comes to […]

23 Jan

Under The Rain

The first time he saw her, It was under the rain. He hoped he would see her again, And he did. He couldn’t take his eyes of her, The whole time, she was all he starred at,, At a point he dashed his foot against a stone Just to get an accurate glance at her, […]

23 Jan


She asked him- “Are you going to stay this time?” He held her, kissed her on her beautiful forehead and said “I am back for good.” He left the next morning, he had gotten what he came for. The next time he came for more, she didn’t ask if he was going to stay. She […]

23 Jan

Before I DO

PASTOR: Do you take Tinu to be your loved wife for better, for worse. for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part? HUSBAND: No, I don’t. I know most of us do not pray to experience this, but, how many of us have actually made an effort not to […]

22 Jan


If they give you memories, why disrespect them? Many of us like to take pictures and many of us love to have memories of events, but, how many people value the people who give them the memories. PHOTOGRAPHERS! Photography overtime, is seen as the least of the entrepreneurial jobs and it is quite funny to […]