Toxic Relationship 2

Funke realized that the only reason she had an extra year was because of her friends, Fola and Wande. She held both friends in high esteem while they drowned her, unknowingly. They’ve been expelled and she had an extra year. Finally, she realized how much that was toxic to her but it wasn’t too late. She had a last chance! She had to fix it!!

There are many ‘Funkes’ in our midst today who are in toxic relationships. To some, they have felt the effect, to others, they don’t know the danger that awaits them. Last week, we mentioned that selfish and possessive partners are warning signs of a toxic relationship. This week we would be looking at uptight and negative partners as warning signs of a toxic relationship.

When we talk about uptight partners, it is referring to a partner that makes you uncomfortable. There are many people who are uncomfortable in their relationships but they think it is normal. As stated in the previous post, a relationship includes friendship and colleagues. If you have a friend who you are too careful around, you need to watch yourself and drift away from such a relationship. It gets funny when I hear of a girl who sleeps late at night and wakes up very early just because she doesn’t want her boyfriend to see her make up free. It gets more hilarious when I meet people who rehearse their words before they go to meet their romantic duo and friends. What I really can’t wrap my head around is why there is so much tension over the people we claim to love. At some point, this tension could become dangerous. Your peace is important to you, so you should find a relationship that creates a comfortable atmosphere around you.

Words are powerful and there is power in what is said to you. Friends, run from negative people. There are certain people who hardly see good in people. Rather, they are more attentive to the wrongs people do and these kind of people will draw you back. To get better, we need encouragement and constructive criticisms.  We do not need people who have no believe in our dreams or capabilities.
In all these guys, it is not only about looking for toxic partners, it is about thriving not to be a toxic partner. Put yourself in a position where you are valuable, an asset the world wants to have. Then, you can afford to stay away for toxic relationships.
It is time to evaluate yourself and your relationships. It is time to know who should stay or leave in your life. It is time to step out of the box. It is time to be better!



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adeyemo mercy
January 10, 2018 at 2:49 pm

good work up there, well-done MA

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