It’s the beat of the drum… the striking of the cords… the vocal dexterity. It is how it all blends together to bring out inexplicable tunes that mesmerizes our soul.
Its music, that one thing that has existed before the foundation of the earth. It is magical.c Do you agree?
When we talk of music, we talk of songs that varies in genre from Hip Hop, R&B, Fuji to many others. Despite the variation however, there is something that is general regardless of the genre; good or bad music. Many would argue about how good or bad a song and this is relative but in actual fact; there are certain features a song should have in order to be able to consider it a classic. The mistake people make is that they believe every popular song is a classic, whereas a song could be popular because it appeals to the senses of its listeners, especially through its beat.
Let’s look at what features a good song should have and we would decide how many of our popular songs are actually classic
CONTENT: Music is life and it is almost impossible to depict life in any form without having a rational structure. The listener should be able to identify what the song writer is talking about; it could be a love message, a story, an agitation or many more. It doesn’t matter what the song writer decides to address as far as it is not bland and irrational. I find it very difficult listening to a song that starts with “this one na nonsense, wey no make sense”. The first question I get to ask myself is why exactly am I listening to this song? This doesn’t undermine the effect of a good beat but a classic should not take a beat over the content and vice versa. One of the powers of music lie in its lyrics and the lyrics of a song should strike something in you.
RHYTHM/BEAT: I fall in love with a song from its rhythm of beat. I mean, the content of a song is worthless when rhythm is lost because rhythm is what bring the content to life. Content is usually an icing in the cake of a song that has good beat. The ability to use good beat is one of the advantages popular songs have because the listeners already fall in love with it before listening to it deeply. At the time, content is already less important to many, apart of lovers of good music. It is simply beautiful for a song to be able to lighten up the mood of any community when it is heard.
SOUND RECORDING: It is almost impossible to enjoy a song that is badly recorded. As a matter of fact, it is the first turn off in any music. A good sound should complement a well structured content and a beautiful rhythm or beat.
Most importantly, it is good for a song to conform to the conventions of its genre and it is important that song writers and producers are up to date as regards conventions that affect their genre of music.
To identify a good music, popularity isn’t the first of the many criteria. It isn’t and it just shouldn’t be.


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James Dandy
January 10, 2018 at 7:47 am

I like this article, one good write up… I feel you should have gone a little in-depth on the analysis. I feel you just hit the surface and left the center untouched. There are several elements used to analyze a musical piece, it transcends beyond the 3points stated. I think “good music” is relative to cultural background and personal development.

January 10, 2018 at 7:14 pm

Nice one dear…

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