Money and Sex

In our modern age, certain things have become rampant and there are almost inseparable. One of these include Money and sex. We are so engrossed in the strange belief that it is normal to have sex with a man spending on you. As a matter of fact, money and sex have become major ingredients for the survival of an average romantic relationships. Little wonder many relationships lead nowhere.
Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to spend on your partners. I mean, you do things to make your significant other happy. I am not also saying pre-marital sex is bad; well, in the real sense, no one is a saint. Not even me. A part of me has a problem with the disrespect of the female gender, especially on issues relating to sex. There are lots of arguments out there on the issue of virginity. The truth is, regardless of your virginity status, every girl deserves to be respected. Some men feel they cannot date virgins, others feel blessed to have them. At the end, what matters is what rocks your boat.
All of these are not matters of serious concern. However, what I have a problem with, is why a woman would want to sell her body for money. Sex is filled with emotion, it is beautiful and should be worth it. Why give it to a person who wouldn’t value it just to get money in return. As a lady, make something for yourself, make your money, spend on yourself, take care of yourself, with or without a man. I understand some of us haven’t gotten to that level yet, we still get from home, but if you fall under this category, kindly cut your coat according to your size. Don’t expect the world when you can’t afford a city on your own, don’t go out looking for greener pastures that you from a guy especially if it’s at the expense of your beautiful body. I mean how do ladies have sex with someone who they don’t have an iota feelings for just for the dough? How do you stay in an abusive relationship just because he spends on you? How do you lose your invaluable integrity for money?
What I am saying is; if he decides to do it for you out of his free will, appreciate it. Do not spend the whole moment asking and demanding, he did not give birth to you. Stop Draining him, stop being toxic. There is nothing wrong in splitting bills, especially when you call for the outing. There is nothing wrong in spending on your man, especially when he’s financially down, if he’s worth it. When you go on an outing and he’s the one spending, order what you can eat and pay for in case he messes up, let your *vex money* be your saving grace always. I’m appalled when I hear girls ask their friends anytime they are broke, “Don’t you have a boyfriend? Is her boyfriend a job? A skill to fetch her money? . I mean we should be able discern the purpose of every relationship, though it differs for everyone. Don’t give any man the chance to feel like he owns you just because he spends on you. You know what it does? It makes you lose your voice and independence.
Enough of making these guys ask if they our fathers, it’s an insult on the fathers who take care of us to the best of their capabilities. Now for anyone who is lucky enough to have a guy who would do this effortlessly without ego, you are very lucky. You don’t get to abuse that beautiful opportunity. Don’t ask for things he can’t afford, don’t go haywhire when he says he doesn’t have at the moment. If he extends the goodwill to your family or his, do not, I repeat do not discourage him. Don’t give him the impression that you are his only responsibility, if you marry him, you are going to suffer it most. This goes specially to the “boss ladies” let your man spend. We don’t want to hear how irresponsible he is when you eventually think he should spend but he is used to you doing everything yourself.
Please my darling Queens, let’s live like we have that crown properly fixed to our worthy self. Enough of hearing unspeakable things being said about us all for the money. Bring more to the table other than sex. Pray for/with your man. Be his serenity in time of distress, advice him on business ideas, make him invest endlessly, give him peace of mind, make intelligent conversations happen, make an imprint positively. Be the kind of woman you would want your son to marry in thr future. Be the kind of woman you pray for.



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January 12, 2018 at 10:31 am

Our bodies should not be exchanged for money in any circumstances whatsoever. but, we really need to be self disciplined even if we find ourselves in such situations that might want to tempt us using our bodies for exchange… May God help us all.

Bayo okunlola
January 13, 2018 at 2:52 pm

Then this tends to, or often end up in verbal abuses. “After all you dating me because of the money”. Lol. Well written dear!

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