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why celebs don’t reply

“I don’t like celebrities, they are always proud”
That has become the language of many of us today towards our celebrities and it always baffles me each time I hear such, which makes me ask myself how plausible it is for people to judge someone they have never met or hardly known. It got more interesting when I tried to sample the opinion of some of the people who share this opinion and I discovered that this judgement is born out of these celebrities not giving people the attention they crave for. This is what I mean, many people try to connect with their favorite celebrities especially on social media but most of them don’t respond. This ends up causing a form of disappointment from the fan who believes he shouldn’t be ignored like that.
In many cases, it is not the fault of that celebrity while in some, the celebrities are actually like that. I mean, there are certain things a person would do that will immediately put the other party off, whether the latter is a celebrity or not.
One of these things include unnecessary chats on social media. If you want to talk to a celebrity about something, get down to business. You don’t have to act familiar around him/her because he/she doesn’t know you. This is what I mean, you hit up one of your favorites and you want to tell such a person you like him or you need the person to do something for you. You don’t start by sending messages to the person as if you are old buddies. For example, you hit up a celebrity to say “Hello Beautiful” when the actual thing you want to tell her is to seek her permission to conduct an interview with her. You don’t expect such a person to reply you because she wouldn’t think you have anything important to say. On your part however, when this happens, you come up with the story of he is proud or she is arrogant. The best thing is to be official as possible in order to make them understand you are in for business. I can bet 70% of these celebrities would reply.
Another of these funny attitudes is when a person sends rude comments to a celebrity especially because of a post. The first thing that comes to my mind is asking if these celebrities can ever have a life of their own. I mean, they had a life before they became celebrities, they have a life behind the screens and their personal life is really no one’s business. It becomes really funny when I see funny comments like ‘I am disappointed in you” or “I used to be your fan before you put this shitty thing up here” because it seems people forget that these people are responsible only to themselves and their profession. Don’t get me wrong folks, it is not wrong to give your sincere comments but they shouldn’t be rude comments. Beyond that, they deserve to be respected just like any other person. Don’t put pressure on them because of your selfish expectations.
The most hilarious of it is when people send messages to celebrities to beg for money and when they don’t respond to them, they see it as pride. Listen guys, these people have responsibilities and you are not one of them. It is quite painful because a lot of these people are not as payed as people assume and they have to work double hard in order not to disappoint their fans. This is enough pressure for them. Don’t go out there asking for money as if it is an entitlement to give you for being their fan. This is what I am saying, it is not wrong to seek for help when you need them but ask with the understanding that the person is not under any law to respond to your request. He can decide to give you or not, but this is no reason to go about spreading fake rumors about them. That would be defamation of character.
All I am saying in short friends is that when you are meeting a new person, especially celebrities, you should learn the proper way of approaching people if you really need them to give you that attention.



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raphael niyi
January 12, 2018 at 7:47 pm

Spot on! !!!!….my best of your post ever! !!!more Grace

January 13, 2018 at 6:49 am

This could pass for even ordinary people. Insightful.

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