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What makes a Celebrity?
It is not wrong for our celebrities to crave for some normalcy. after all, they are humans just like us. But, they have become bedridden with the consciousness, that, they play a major role in the development of this country.
We all would agree that, in as much as we subscribe to the fact that celebrities have a right to their lives; there are certain things that are unheard of from men of valor. Let’s look into some of the things that are absolutely out of place for celebrities to do.
INSULTING REPLIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: This has been the discussion of many and they’ve been several perspectives to it. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it two wrongs will never make a right. The truth is, not everyone putting on clothe or who is walking on the street is normal; many of them are frustrated and looking for who to vent their anger on. It is an insult to come down to their level as celebrities. In cases where you get insulting or rude comments on your profile, you can totally ignore the person. If you feel the need to reply, do so in a way that accords you respect and not make you just like the frustrated person. If a particular person then decides to be a pest, simply block such a person. Also, some of these people are set up just to make you lose your temper, in order to tarnish your image or even to create awareness for yourself. Don’t get into the trap. You are not responsible to anyone but you are responsible to your reputation.
ENCOURAGING EVIL DEEDS IN THE SOCIETY: It is a problem on its own for a celebrity to directly or indirectly support illegal or evil deeds in the society, but, it is worse when they are the ones doing it. The moment you are a public figure, you become responsible to a large number of people and should act in accordance. In many cases, people are always eager to hear the views of celebrities over certain issues, thus, a delicate intellectual effort should be put out into what is dished out to public hearing.
EMBARRASSING YOUR FANS: Ok, y’all need to get this right, if it wasn’t for the support of your fans, you will not be where you are today. Why then would you shut out people who are overly excited to see you, all in the name of security? You don’t have to hug or shake each of them but your receptive nature should do the job. It is understandable that certain celebrities are shy but you should understand your fans need your confidence at all times. Please, always bear in mind that, your ability to stay on the faces of people does just lie in your talents, but how appreciated you are by these people. Your fan base is important, they believe you are important too.
Always remember that to whom much is given, much is expected.

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