I wept,
I wept at the thought of so many things, especially that of losing this man before me. I wept at the memories of the sorrowful and bitter moments shared with him. I wept at the thoughts of the wishes that never came through, I wept at the memories of my pleading eyes searching his for mercy from his fists. I wept at the thoughts of killing him someday, I wept at the memories of me crying bitterly unto God to change this man I call my own. With the last tear dropping from my eye, I took my gaze from him and
I smiled,
I smiled as I pictured his loving hands lifting me, I smiled as I remembered the days he will wake up unusually early just to make breakfast. I smiled as I pictured him singing me lullaby, I smiled as I remembered waking up with his smiling face locking mine. I smiled as I pictured him kissing my forehead to sleep, I smiled as I remembered the days he would organize surprise dates just to see me smile. I kept smiling as the memories flowed effortlessly in my head but it stopped abruptly at his fragrance. The thought of what could have gone wrong filled my smiling lips with sorrow and
I frowned,
I frowned at the constant struggle to know why my man changed, I frowned at the effort I made to set things right. I frowned at his unwelcome transformation. I frowned at my silent tears, I frowned at my knees wrinkled from prayers. I frowned as I looked at him fully again but as my eyes met his,
I laughed,
I laughed as I remembered my engagement party, it blew my mind completely. I laughed as I remembered the radiant face on my wedding, it was a dream come true. I laughed as I remembered us taking our vows, it was my fascination in its reality. I laughed as I remembered our wedding night, it was my erotic desire mixed with ecstasy. I laughed until my throat was dry, I laughed until the reality of the moment finally unveiled and then,
I blinked,
I blinked not to fight the tears but to hide the excitement. The excitement of seeing my man back, the excitement of my prayers finally answered, the excitement that my God hasn’t failed me. The excitement that my marriage is back, the excitement that I have conquered.

I felt him all over again, felt the touch of his genuine change as I collapsed my lips into his and allowed the tears and laughter of joy finally declare my unending love for him.




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