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I have so many scandals, but, I don’t pay attention to any of them

Michael Bonney Bassey, also known as, Bonbon (@real bassey) is a handsome, hot, talented and exciting, bachelor, who is an actor and a model. He is a Sierra Leonean, who is based in America, but works across the globe. He has a Bachelor degree in History and Sociology and also a diploma degree in Cultural studies and Drama from Fourah Bay College. This young man, who is in his 20s, is, in an amazing relationship and he will be our celebrity guest for today.
Bassey says he has been acting since he was 4 years, participating in school plays, but started acting as a profession in 2007, with, Undercover Cop a Sierra Leone film, as his first movie, and has since appeared in several movies, both in Sierra Leone and in Nigeria; some of which include, Stella, War Against Men, Love in the Air, School Party, Elephant in the Room and many others. Locally, Double Wahala which was produced in 2012, brought him into limelight, but, his participation in the popular Reality Television Show, Big Brother Africa in the year, 2013, gave him an international recognition. For him, talented people like Morris K Sesay, Majid Michel and Denrele Edun are his iconic models, who in their various ways, have helped him become better in his career. He believes his humility is what distinguishes him from his other colleagues and he admires that about himself.

“I have lots of scandal, but I don’t pay attention to them” he said, when asked if he has any scandals. Bassey states that his past drives him to be better and talking about the challenges he has faced so far, he mentioned that most times, he has issues of type casting in African movies and it is quite discouraging to have limited roles, especially because of his skin color. He also added that modeling doesn’t pay as much as it is hyped, but people do not seem to understand this fact.
The fans of Bassey should expect a lot this year and although, he would have loved to hint everyone on his plans, he is a lover of surprises and will rather shock everyone with his big plans.
To every fan of Bassey, he says
“A big thank you. I am so grateful and humbled for the love you show me and I have never taken any of it for granted.”


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