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Celebrities and Marriages

Is it possible for a celebrity to have a blissful home?

This is a question that has caused a lot of controversy in recent times, especially, with the rate at which many celebrity marriages have been breaking. The twist to it however, is that, in the midst of all these, there are equally many marriages that have plied the route of success amidst dreadful ordeals. What that tells us therefore, is that, keeping a home is not a product of being a celebrity or not, rather, it is a product of understanding your position and acting in accordance. If there are people who can maintain their high standard career and still have a blissful home, it means, there are certain things that can be done, in order to manage these two important things. The question of how best it is to keep a home as a celebrity is for no one to answer, but, if one is to consider the lives of celebrities who have been able to keep theirs, one will be able to point out certain things that can aid other celebrities in keeping theirs.
Let’s start with settling down with an understanding partner. This seems like the beginning of a celebrity marriage disaster, because, most celebrities are usually ignorant of the fact that their lives are more sensitive than that of other people. Celebrities should understand that, they should be more cautious of who they settle with, because, of all other things, the lack of understanding seems like the biggest reason, most of their marriages do not work. It takes an understanding partner to be able to bear the excesses that comes with being a celebrity.
Another thing, is celebrities respecting their partners and not taking their understanding for granted. It is one thing to be understanding, it is another thing to respect the understanding of your partner. It is understandable that there are certain things that are inevitable as celebrities, especially actors, but, it is very possible to create a standard for yourself and your home. One mistake most celebrities make is that they cannot draw the line between their businesses and their family lives, and until they can place which is their priority, things will continue to go wrong. It is not wrong to be real, professional or free with your colleagues as a celebrity, but, you should be sensitive to the feelings and limits of your partner. You being a celebrity naturally brings your partner into the limelight, and it shouldn’t be you who would soil his image or that of your family as a whole.
In this light, let’s look at celebrities advertising their private lives. This is not to be against public display of affection because it is sometimes a beautiful sight to behold. The problem starts when you start to put up lies just to earn the love and respect of the fans who already love you. I mean, it is funny when you see a celebrity gush about his/her partner on social media, saying all sorts of beautiful things, only to see the same person months later, talking about the evil things that he/she has been doing, all along. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not wrong to flaunt your partner on social media every time you feel the need to appreciate him/her, but, it is good to understand that your life is public enough and you don’t need to add unnecessary publicity to it. If we look at the celebrities whose homes have been kept, we would see that, although they appreciate their partners at every opportunity they get, they don’t make a fuss about it.
To the celebrity couples, we sometimes think they should have better marriages, since they both have an understanding of what that life entails, but, it is quite painful that they are the ones who find it most difficult to keep a good home. The problem is unique to each couple but one thing these couples should take note of is that, marriage is not an avenue for publicity or measuring standard in the industry, rather, it is a life time journey. They should be more cautious of genuine love, rather, than using each other to grow their career lives. They should be more sensitive and live with the knowledge that not every one is their friend, especially because they are both in the limelight. Every couple, especially celebrity couples should be more interested in being power couples, other that problem couples.
With the likes of Omoni Oboli, Mercy Johnson, Raphael Niyi, Damola Olatunji, Bimbo Oshin and many others, it is easy to believe that keeping a home as a celebrity is quite easy. What it takes is sacrifice and to be able to be fulfilled in both our careers and in our homes, we should be able to do all that it takes.

I want a fulfilling career and a beautiful home. Do you want that too?

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