That faint scream was enough to wake Suki. He felt a strange energy pump inside him. He felt filled inside as if he had just eaten a large burger. Where was this energy coming from? He knew something terrible had happened. The door of the bus was flung open. He looked outside through the door and at that split moment his eyes met that of the beast. They locked stares for a few seconds until the beast retrieved behind the two huge trees.
One of the guys was having a nightmare. He moved his head fervently about with fists formed in maniac balls. Then he gave a loud shriek that had everyone jump on their feet. Suki went immediately to his side to calm him down telling him that it was just a terrible dream.
“Where is mumbling guy,?”, Doreen the bright eyed girl asked
All eyes turned at mumbling guy’s direction. His seat was empty. They all looked at Suki and the opened door. Suki took the rifle and asked Darius to follow him with the torchlight on his phone. Nobody wanted to stay back in the bus so they all insisted that they follow them to look for the mumbling guy. They all trooped into the cold night. They started calling ‘guy’ since nobody knew mumbling guy’s real name. Just across the road Doreen saw the body and gave a piercing scream. With sorrow, fear and pain in their eyes the others gathered to look at the decapitated body. His flyer was still open but his head has been brutally chopped off as his blood litter the earth round him.

Suki addressed them again. “Friends we are in dangerous terrains. My candid suggestion is that we leave this place now. From my calculation the village of Akuga is about an hour trek from here. We need to go there and seek help. Carry only important things. We must travel light. Let’s go guys!”
Everybody scrambled into action. They picked their phones, identification cards and all important documents from their bags. In the cold and dry night of December 21st 2015 fourteen young men and women paid homage to their fallen comrade by removing their caps and observing a minute silence for his departed soul. With tears and fears in their eyes, they turned and soon, they were running towards the village of Akuga.

Thirty minutes into their journey, they heard footsteps. They stopped to see what was coming from behind them. That was a mistake. The two huge trees where the figure had disappeared into were moving towards them. Yes they were actually walking—roots, branches and all! They all stood transfixed in fear. They did not see the bright eyes looking at them from the corner of the bush on the side of the road.
Darius took the rifle from Suki’s frightened hand, cocks and aims at the approaching trees. The figure alerted by the impeding threat from the rifle in the hand of Darius pounced on him. He practically kicked the gun from his hand and took a huge bite from his neck. Blood gushed sporadically from the spot. Darius tried to put the palm of his hand over the huge hole as if to try and stop the outpour. The beast towered over the body of poor Darius. He looked into his eyes. There was something in his eyes that annoyed the beast so he plucked out his eyes with his sabre teeth. Then his mouth followed and finally his head.
By now, the whole team had scattered in confused directions. Suki held tightly to Lucy’s hand as they breezed past the thick forest. In a few moments the element above was darkened in anger and soon the sky was weeping in hailstorms. The two of them did not stop. They kept running until they came across a very big pond. They stopped to take in air. They were still panting and the sky was still wailing bitterly.
“That was a Yehwe Zogbanu” Lucy said emphatically to Suki…

Getting more interesting? Watch out next week for the next part of Labyrinths.




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