flash fiction

Gold Digger

Tom laughed softly and pressed a long kiss on my lips. From lip to lip he progressed. ‘You should rest now, you need to sleep Tom.’
Tom’s answer to that was to hold me by the waist softly. He said, ‘I need you more baby,’ with no smile but hot-eyes graze that made me pass out into his arms.
“How can I resist an excellent figure in my bed?”, Tom murmured on a sigh, and then lowered his kiss on my abdomen. I took the reversed position and landed my kiss on his ear. For a minute, my sense of reasoning was gone and forgotten in the heat of passion.
My mind was at war, and it raced at every of its thoughts. ‘I shouldn’t be doing this again,’ I can’t be in his bed after he called me a gold-digger years ago”. I attempted to push myself away but instead, I spread my thighs wide open.
Tom drew deeper into my thighs, making me loose touch with my antagonism and  I knew there was no stopping for me anymore . Damn, he got my new weak point in seconds.
How he kept doing that, i had no idea but one thing I know is that, ‘he’s been getting my weak points for over 10 years now.’ I dashed to my knees, as I held him closer. “You know I can’t wait to be knocked out” he said. At that point, I knew we had opened a box that should  have remained closed and now, temptation was on the loose.
I kissed him from his stomach down, I could see his brown sugar waiting to be slurped, “I want to and I would.” I said to myself.
I took a portion of the Olive oil into my hands and greased it softly round his brown sugar. I watched him shut his eyes, while I ran my hand up and down, then, faster and wilder. In a more different way, we were both lost.  ‘Maybe I missed him, ‘maybe I really want to come back to be his new wife. At least, Elven is dead, maybe for good. I am single again and not ready for the tenth heartbreak at 30.
‘Climax” he moaned, cutting into my reflections, and of course, it was time for the real deal. I went on my knees, with my eyes closed, waiting to cross the threshold of this jiffy.
Tom said, “be my wife, Elven dead for you to take your true position”. for the first time, after 12 years, I had no objection in my heart, and with tears flowing effortlessly down my cheeks, I said, “Tom this tears is for your fucking dead wife, this moment, is for our new life”.
Let hell loose! Now!
Holding my waist high, he thrust in with full passion and since that day, he became the accurate gold-digger, digging in and out passionately …



Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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