Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

The next day was a Saturday. It was inspection day. As expected, hostels are supposed to be cleaned, bed properly laid, and students looking absolutely neat. We were new, so all we had to do was watch how things were done till we have a duty assigned to us. After the inspection, we went to dinning for a breakfast of Pap and Akara (OMG! This is unfair). I didn’t have it. I was scared of eating Akara made with palm oil, (you know the Nigerian mentality, I carried it from home to FEGGO😂). After breakfast, my family friend, Maryam, a Jss2 student, came to show me around the classroom area. After the tour, we ended up in her class, where I met the power drunk Jss2 students. The ones who will waste no time in using their seniority over the new fishes. Very quick to turn every word said to something extra, I was  so glad we didn’t have to call a year senior by names. At least we didn’t get to feed their ego too much. I met about three of them, only one was pleasant. Others were like sharks that just perceived blood . “I’m just a new girl, you are about sending me on errand to somewhere I don’t know,” I didn’t wait for directions, I declined immediately. As you could guess, I officially made my first enemies. I was tagged as “politely rude”, well, who really cared about that? I returned to my hostel, to face series of questions, the endless lecture of school and how smart I should be in order not to fall victim of power drunk seniors and their pranks. My dorm mates weren’t exactly the saints, but they weren’t evil. They were good kind of bad which made them interesting and weird at the same time, yet I could sense they were the no nonsense kind of people. I loved them already. That night was the first social night we were to experience, in my head, it was a platform to socialise and be enlightened, so I took along a cup full of cornflakes,*(I laughed at myself already, so yours can’t be painful*). My school mother came to call on me, with the other two girls. When we got to the venue which was the dinning hall, I was shocked. I saw speakers and students in all sorts of mufti. I thought we weren’t supposed to have those wears, they are contraband, but,  little did I know I had a lot to learn about rules. While I silently munched on my cornflakes, I expected the questions and answers session to start, to my disappointment but utmost joy😀😀, socials was about fun! Music, dance and comedy. So performances started, it was fun until it was time for individuals who were interested to come out and dance, all I could remember was I found myself on stage, with my cornflakes still with me. Thanks to my school mother and friends who already saw me dance once. But this was different, I saw hundreds of faces with different expressions. And little did they know that I was shy, but then no amount of shyness could overcome the rhythm of my body whenever I hear sound😂😂. So before I knew it, I was getting cheered as I danced. After that, it was for every one to fall on the dance floor. In all, socials was fun and as we were headed to the hostel, we saw all sorts of hang outs in twos at a place identified as love lane. Love lane! In a girls only school?! I was shocked!.

You wanna know what happens at the love lane?

Story for another day.

To be continued next week…

                                                                      BY BABYGALFORLIFE


Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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