“A what?”
‘It is a mythological ceratopsian-like cryptid beast that is said to have six eyes and several horns over its body—an ogre-sized giant originally found in Dahomey. It is a thick forest dweller that feeds on all moving creatures. I never knew it was in this part of the country.”
Suki’s heart was racing with fright. “How did you know so much about it?”
“I am a cryptozoologist. I studied cryptozoology in the university. It is a pseudoscience that aims to demonstrate the continuation of creatures from traditional folklores and animals considered to be extinct. We are like in the middle of the line between zoology and folkloristics.”
“When we get out of this nightmare I would love you to tell me more about this monster over a bottle of drink.”
“Are you asking me out?” Lucy said with a knowing smile.
“Maybe” Suki said with a big smile plastered on his face.
She laughed and that brightened her face. Right now under the weeping sky and her hair disheveled she looks so beautiful like a young gazelle. He will definitely take her out when they get to the real world again. Right now there is a huge mountain between them that they must pass. Lucy was looking at the necklace round his neck.
“Suki, where did you get that necklace from”
“Oh. My grandmother instructed my father to give it to me as a parting gift. She died the day I was born and I have been wearing it ever since I came into this world.”
“Suki I need to tell you something. Earlier you asked me what my favourite law was from Robert Greene’s book. I am not sure if I will ever find one but a Yehwe Zogbanu’s favourite laws is the 15th one—crush your enemy totally!”
Suki shivered. It was not from the cold. It was from the fear that was tearing his inside out like a hot volcano.
“Listen. If I don’t make it out of here I want you to know that you are a good man. Your girlfriend is one lucky girl.”
“Stop talking like that. We are going to be fine. And for your information I don’t have a girlfriend yet.”
Lucy gave him a cute smile as she bent down to scoop water from the pond to quench her thirst. It was then that a limb of the big tree they sat under was released from long service. It fell directly on Lucy’s head. The force of it pushed her head into the pond. Suki dragged her from falling inside the pond with her whole body. He laid her lifeless body on the bank of the pond. There was no blood. He felt for a pulse and found none. Suki wept.
They were here again. He could see and hear the beast moving towards his direction. It was as if the monster had some sensors hidden in his intestines that helps locate Suki’s whereabouts. He closed Lucy’s eyes with the back of his hand and said a silent prayer. He swept the tears from his eyes and slithered into the cool water of the pond as he swam across to the other side. He did not turn back as he ran with no definite destination.
After many hours of running and wandering he climbed a mango tree and balanced himself between two horizontal branches. Surely the monster cannot find him here. Luckily for him there were some ripe mangoes on the tree. He grew famished seeing them. He plucked a few and delighted himself with their delicious juice. He looked into the starless night to see if by some magic hope lurks around. He found none. He thought of Lucy and how he would have loved to take her out on a nice date. He regretted her death. Where are the others he wondered? He can only wish them luck. He looked at his wristwatch. It read 4 a.m. He felt weak. He will close his eyes for a few minutes. When he wakes up it will be morning and this terrible dream will all be over.
Suki found himself on the ground of the forest when he woke up. He felt pain all over his body. He saw the branch of the mango tree beside him. The poor thing had given up under his weight. His vision was blurry at first but when they finally found focus, six bright eyes stared back at him. The beast was towering over him and breathing heavily. She looked into Suki’s eyes. There is something inside them that belittles her status. She touched the necklace round Suki’s neck with one of her ugly fingers. The monster could hear Suki’s heartbeat right now. The giant ogre crouch on its hind legs in a kind of kneeling position as if paying obeisance. It opened its sabre toothed mouth and to Suki’s greatest surprise whispered to his starry eyes, “Master.”

Who is Suki?  What is his connection with the Monster?

Find out next week!




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