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Weight loss

Intentional weight loss from exercise and dieting is one thing, but if you start losing weight without any major change in your lifestyle, it’s a sign of trouble and should be taken seriously. You should see a physician immediately to know the possible cause. Always bear in mind that early detection of diseases leads to prompt intervention and successful treatment.
Here are few health issues that can cause unexplained weight loss
A sudden weight loss without any change or increase in your appetite can indicate hyperthyroidism- the hyper-functioning of thyroid glands causing increased secretion of thyroid hormones circulating in your blood. With high amounts of these hormones, you will experience a high metabolic rate leading to increased burning of fuel in your body. Apart from the significant weight loss, hyperthyroidism can increase your heart rate, cause excessive sweating, muscle weakness and fatigue, bulging eyes, mood swings, hot flushes and so on.
Peptic Ulcer
A stomach ulcer is medically known as peptic ulcer that develops in the lining of your stomach or at the upper section of your small intestine; this sore can cause pain and loss of appetite. You begin to lose weight with a feeling of fullness with only a few bites of food. You can also experience chest pain, fatigue, dark or bloody stools etc
Diabetes is a common health issue behind an unexplained weight loss, it is a metabolic disorder that causes high glucose levels in your blood maybe because your body is not producing enough insulin or your body is not responding properly to the insulin produced. Weight loss begins with excess water loss from frequent urination and your body’s inability to absorb calories from the sugar in your blood. In the case of insufficient insulin, your body starts burning your fat and muscles for energy causing a significant drop in your total body weight. You can also experience excessive thirst and hunger, fatigue, tingling sensation in your hands and feet etc
Parasitic Infestation
When your intestines get infested with parasites, you begin to experience sudden weight loss- they consume a large amount of the food you eat making you hungry more often than usual.
In cancer, there is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that spreads throughout your body, impairing the functioning of all your internal organs, speeding up your metabolism and placing a huge stress on your entire body causing a rapid weight loss.

If you want to stay healthy always,  learn to be sensitive to changes in your body and his it the doctor early.




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