22 Feb

Child’s Play

Ere omode, the play we enjoyed while growing up
The sun scorching our faces as we run around
The freedom we felt when we were let loose
Our souls were free, our hearts were pure
I remember the way my eyes lit up
When my feet hit the hot sand
I tip toed trying to escape the hot feeling
The hot feeling the soil gave freely
I looked around, everyone was enjoying the moment.
I quietly reminded myself how I had escaped
From the tight safety conscious grip of my parent
I suddenly had a glimpse of what I’ve come to experience
Found myself in a place where status of all kind and sort
Made no sense in our gathering of playful minds
Born with the silver spoon, Bred with the golden plate
When it was your turn to dive in the sand there was no question
No question of if your body was mopped with expensive oils
Or if your father was the king and the four horsemen all at once
We played by the rules irrespective of your age, gender and color
The rules of engagement were play till your body can play no more
It was getting dark, when I realized how much time had gone by.
Is it child’s play to run around and play so freely under the sun?




Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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