My First Time

My First Time
The first time I gave head, I couldn’t swallow saliva for days. Then I had an experience with an
Ex, and everything changed. She said, ‘let’s try again; if it doesn’t taste good, then you will get
and never give. Two days later, we got down. I was uncomfortable at first. Then we played a
little game of Bonnie and Clyde in Blindfolds. She went first. She had requested with ice. Oh my!
The tingling was soothing and unnerving and I shook with clear but new found ecstacy. Love
making was redefined; especially as at this point, there was no penetration yet. When she got
halfway, she had turned and it was a 69. Especially as I had wriggled into that position as she
masterfully buried my essence in her mouth and gently teasing the balls; sending gracious and
fierce chills down my spine. I wriggled again. And without thinking, I buried my face. I
desperately wanted to remove the blindfold as the clean shaven haven felt like a glorious,
delicious home. I navigated gently until I met tender walls. It smelt nice too. All I wanted to do
was eat. I was a bit unsure, but my tongue was out from the excitement in my head. The first
taste. The second. And then, my lips met the tender lipped walls. My tongue was out again, this
time, making deliberate and well planned moves. It searched again and I found the clits. It was
She choked. She surrendered. I ate. She stroked. I played.
It was a good head. It tasted pineapples.




Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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February 28, 2018 at 10:01 pm

Bold, Kevin. Not sure I’ll find out what happens there someday.

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