Suki was confused and cold. He wish this was one terrible dream but deep down he knew that he was not dreaming and that frightened him the more. The Yehwe Zogbanu touched the small plant budding beside Suki with the tip of her long nail and it lit up with fire, with the other small plants growing in that area doing the same thing. Suki’s first reaction was to scream but he decided against it when he noticed that the fire was actually keeping him warm from the cold hands of the forest. This creature can also read his mind!
“The time has come for you to know who you really are. Sometimes for a man to move forward he may need to take twenty one steps backward.” The ogress took calculated steps towards him not wanting to frighten an obviously scared Suki
“Give me your palm” the Yehwe Zogbanu commanded. Suki did not move a muscle.
“Do you want to know the truth or live a lie?”
Shakily Suki mustered courage, stood up and offered the creature the palm of his hand. When the Yehwe Zogbanu took his hand, a bluish spark came out of it and then a mighty chasm opened up. On one side of the partition stood Suki and the beast and on the other an old world has sprung up. In that world he could see people running as if something terrible was about to happen.
“Go inside and see your past to understand how to tread the path of your future. Go!” she thundered.
Suki though scared took one bold step into the world of the unknown and immediately was swallowed up in thick brightness. When he opened his eyes he was standing in front of a small room in a very large compound. Some of the housemaids of the compound where huddled up in a corner whispering things he could not hear. But his mind was drawn to the huge man pacing in front of the door of the small room. He looked closely at him and his resemblance struck him. It was his dead father! He wanted to talk to him and ask him to explain what the hell was going on but every time he tried to touch him to draw his attention he felt a mighty force draw him back from doing that. He tried severally and soon gave up. He shouted but his father did not hear him. He looked at the door in front of him.
Something terrible was going inside that room. He moved and placed his hand on the door and push gently to enter and immediately his body dissolved into it and he found himself inside. Inside the room three hefty women were attending to a woman in great travail. The woman on the floor was weeping in great pain as she tried to bring forth the child inside her. Suki could see the blood flowing from between her legs.
He tried to look at the woman on the floor to see if she was someone he knew but the three women blocked her view with their large forms. He felt even more frustrated now but as if in a calculated cue the woman on the floor shot forth her hand in a clenched first! Suki saw the serrated mark on the hand. He knew only one woman in the world who has that mark—his mother.

The moment he recognized the mark on hand he felt a sharp pain shoot through his eyes and heart and felt his soul receding from his body. Slowly he slumped to the floor of the room weak and in great pain. When he woke up he was in another room, the appearance of which was dead frightening. Two snakes sat on the two lampstands on either side of a black throne. A woman was standing with her back to Suki such that he could not see her face. She was saying something to the big ugly woman who sat on the throne.
“She is going to die, great One. I can feel her heartbeat. She cannot bear it anymore” the woman backing Suki said in a pained voice.
“I know. The child inside her is too powerful for her to bring forth. The child is a god and it is impossible for a mere mortal to give birth to such” came the reply from the throne.
“She has lost too many, great One. Give her the strength to bring forth” She goes on her knees. “Let them live. I give my life for them” she continued.
The woman on the throne laughed and the two snakes slithered toward the woman kneeling. The first wrapped itself round her neck and the second snake vomited a bright dazzling necklace on the outstretched hand of the woman. They slithered back to their rightful positions on the lampstands.
“Thank you, great One” the woman said as she rose and wore the necklace. It was only then that she turned to face a frightened Suki. Suki knew at once that she was his grandmother—memories of his mother showing him her picture as a child raced through her mind like a terrible wind. But what transfixed him on the spot was the necklace she was wearing and its unmistaken resemblance with the one round his own neck. He looked again at her necklace and found that her own has disappeared with his own remaining. He robbed his eyes as if to clear his senses and when he looked again the throne with the big ugly woman and the snakes and his grandmother have all vanished.
Again the cry of woman trying to give birth came to him. But this time the painful screams were accompanied with the cry of a new born. Again he slumped on the ground only this time he did not feel any pain. He felt like he was drifting through a cloud of familiar faces—first the smiling faces of his father and mother and finally that of his grandmother. He fell into a deep sleep.

What is there secret Diminish about to unravel?  Find our next week.




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