Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl 9

Feggo has ten hostels, reasonable distance between the hostels but you could still think twice before wanting to go anywhere. So we were all in the middle of a pleasant sleep one midnight when we suddenly heard screams from another hostel. There was a chaos, students running out of their hostels, well the news is a “black man” entered Tinubu house then, this black man, they say comes with jazz so no one will wake up, rubs oil on his body so you can’t catch him then he steals things that belong to students. Oh! People cried, some claimed their box of provision is gone, some money while some said they felt his touch. I was scared😬😬 but not to the extent of wanting to go home. Well, you may have guessed, that night ended but we got occasional episodes of that night for a while, and then it became a myth as we hear other Unity colleges complain of the same occurrence.
Life in Idia house continued like it had always been, staying with people who loved me, but trust me I thought some seniors were evil, my dorm mates didn’t make me realise there was hell in Feggo until I returned from home after the first term break just to find out I’ve been reshuffled to the new hostel, Olufunmilayo Ramsome-Kuti house. The tears I didn’t shed when I was a new girl, I did when I found out my fate. The thought of my lovely bunkmate and dorm mates. I already felt like I belong there, only for them to uproot me just like that to a den. This hostel was full of students from different hostels, regardless of their class. Having the famous Olabisi house seniors there was the beginning of my nightmare. Those seniors?!. To cap it all the Deputy head girl was there, I feared her! She had a stance that even her mates couldn’t question, hence her nickname, Headboy.
Well I didn’t have a choice, there were other students who felt same way but we had to move on. Just when I thought I was strong for it, I discovered my new dorm mates were direct opposite of the ones I started with. With sending one on ridiculous errands(you can imagine a Jezebel wake you up at 12am to send you to another hostel just to tell a fellow lady she loves her), using your property like they are entitled to it, all the water I didn’t fetch I began to fetch, I had a bunkmate then, SS3 student, she’d bedwet then proceed to exchange my mattress with hers. It was then I realised I was in a boarding school😭😭.
Life went on like that, till a senior decided to be a scape goat to my drama. Ah! I showed her pepper but…

What did showing a senior pepper lead to? Disaster or Freedom?
To be continued…

WRITTEN BY #Babygirlforlife


Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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