Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

I was on my own on this fateful manual labour day. After doing a large portion of cutting grass, I decided to waltz my way to classroom, as I was leaving, I heard “junior girl in idia(purple) check”. Oh my God!😭😭. I knew it was based on errand, I turned to look at her and I saw an empty bottle of fanta with her. I already knew it! Tuck shop! “Not me today, I’d give you all the drama, I am too tired to go get my own dinner, yet you wanna send me to tuck shop” she said what she wanted, tucking a #200 note at the tip, I flatly told her, I can’t go that I am tired, then she said, “if you like, don’t go. I will deal with you” Urrrgghh! Yinmu!😂😂. The crase in me unleashed, I threw myself on the floor and started crying, rolling on the floor not minding my beautiful and neatly ironed house wear. I had 3 more, changing won’t be a problem. Then she turned back, looking at me, students passing by stopped to get entertained. She said “Are you mad? And then said,you are a witch and I will deal with you” hehehehe! She picked her bottle up from where she dropped it and walked away. Yes! Drama is over, now I can go change.
Don’t let me lie, she dealt with me in that house😬😬. She became my duty supervisor, you know how the story goes. Being in the same dormitory with some daughters of Jezebel didn’t help. Back thenin Feggo, reporting a senior was like remindinfthe devil yoi have been untouched. They’d serve their punishment, then come back to pounce on you again. I’m sure you don’t really want that kind of life, you just had to continue enduring it till you can be free. I reported some of my dorm mates then, aaah! I shouldn’t have! But then, I am strong, I survived, they became my friends afterwards. I made friends with a lot of reasonable seniors, I was glad I did. I never stopped visiting my ex bunk mate and dorm mates. Her place became my second hostel, my weekends were with her.
After exams in Feggo was the best, the most entertaining and enlightening period for us. Lots of interesting activities to go. Movies, games, quiz, competition and lots more. Definitely worth staying for about 2 weeks before vacation. First year in Feggo continued with unnecessary errands, girls filled with ego wanting you to respect them regardless, jogging to dining, Early morning jogging in preparation for Inter house sports in second term, interesting social nights, anticipated visiting days, bitter sweet memories and all. I could gladly say it was a beautiful first year away from home. I adapted and I was glad. I jad lovely classmates too.
But the tears I didn’t shed all the while, I shed when ny ex bunk mate was leaving school. She was graduating, leaving me, I felt so alone and bitter. I was going to miss her, so instead of going around hustling for gifts on her Valedictory service day, I was with her all through. Savouring every moment. It was worth it. But she left me in the hands on her school sister, who equally took care of me😊😊. I am lovable like that.
Vacation came around, I left for home, only to go face the terror of my life.
To be continued…



Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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