Michael looked across the table at his friend Suki who have ben moody all day. He is no longer the friend that he used to know. A lot has changed about Suki since he returned back from National service. Michael has tried everything to bring him back to his usual self but all to no avail. He has withdrawn totally into a shell too deep even for him to access. Something has happened to his friend but Suki will not tell him anything.
“Suki today is your twenty second birthday for Christ sake. The least you can do is smile and enjoy the added year. Be grateful.” Michael opined.
Suki gave his friend a weak smile. Michael is a great friend but he will never understand the troubles that he carry like heavy sins in his heart. He looked round the restaurant where his best friend for the past twelve years has dragged to celebrate his birthday with him. He did not feel like celebrating. The events of that dreadful night of strange stars almost a year ago will not let him be. He still remembered their faces—Mumbling boy. Darius and Lucy. Worst of all he still hear their cries. He cast his mind back to that night. He still cannot believe how he made his way home. He followed the path shown to him by his grandmother. He did actually find that big oak tree and when he got there he called his name seven times and poof he found himself on the road leading to his hometown. He was fortune to get a ride from a sympathetic driver who was coming back from the big city.
He had bought and read all the major newspapers in the country to see if any of them carried the news on some missing corps members. He found nothing. He checked all of the social media platforms that he knew existed but still no news. It was if nothing had happen. He went back to the park where he had boarded the bus that fateful day to see if he could see the driver but everybody in the park said they have never seen a man who match the description he was giving them. He felt weak and frustrated and even his mother could not help. She really did not know anything about the circumstance of his birth. After many questions she did tell him that she nearly die from giving birth to him but that the oracles of the land heard her pain and prayer. But he already knew that information from his teleporting that dreadful night in the forest.
Suki staggered back from his thoughts. “Sorry Michael, what did you say?”
“You got to be kidding me. You mean you heard nothing the whole time. This is getting worse every day. Even your mother called me and was telling me that she was worried of your behavior and mood these past months. Hey, man I am your friend. Tell me what the problem is and I swear I will handle it. Do you need a girl? I can arrange for you to meet Cindy. You remember Cindy from school. Well she just came back from the States. I can arrange for you both to meet.” a concerned Michael offered.
Suki laughed. “Hey you and I know Cindy is one crazy girl. No madness can make me to date her even if it will only last for two minutes. That bitch is crazy bro.” They both laughed out loud as the waitress came to take their order.
Suki has decided in his heart to take his life. He has been planning it for the past seven days since his birthday and now the eight day his upon him. A part of his mind called him a coward as he sat in deep thoughts but he did not care. There was no way he was going to transform himself into a giant ogre and kill another innocent soul just to prong his days on earth. No way! The thought of Mumbling boy and Darrius still haunt him and he was not going to add to that list. But the thought of his mother and the Delphic utterance of his grandmother to him still stalk him. If he hangs himself now his mother will probably die of grief. And if he failed to sacrifice a soul tonight she too will die. Either ways his story looks ugly and fucked up. He paced round the room. The only way to break this curse is for somebody to die and nobody deserves that ignobility than him.
He took the rope and tied it to the ceiling fan. He had seen how they do it from the movies. He placed it round his neck and took a deep breath. He really do not need to say any prayer for himself he thought within himself. People like him have a reserved room of torment in hell. He looked at the cursed necklace round his neck. He had tried times without number to throw it away but every time he did he woke up to find it round his neck in the morning. Suki had raised the volume of his television to drown his gaggling sound and possible kicks during his death. Now he steadies himself on the small stool and was about to kick it away when something the newscaster was saying stopped his actions. He removed the rope from his neck and looked at the screen as he listened to the ten o’ clock news.
“…this is our top story for today. One Mr. Boro was arrested yesterday by the authorities in his secluded house at number 45 Mckina Street where he had kidnapped and raped Miss Akilo every weekend for the past ten years. Authorities were tipped off by an anonymous call and came to the rescue of Miss Akilo who was reported missing some ten years by her dear family. She is currently in a critical state right now in the hospital after such a traumatizing ordeal. Meanwhile Mr. Boro who already confessed to the crimes and was filmed by our reporters laughing at his actions is now in the State’s Underground Security prison…the voice of the newscaster trailed off. By now Suki was already sitting. He felt anger well up inside him. Maybe tonight was not a right time to die. Maybe he has been called for a new purpose in his life. He felt the coldness of the necklace round his neck. The rope was still hanging from the ceiling. He took a very deep breath and muttered three times the name “Yehwe Zogbanu” On the third call he felt his body tore apart as his skin changed to a bluish color. His teeth grew bigger and sharper like razors. He could feel his entire body grow into a giant ogre. He looked at his huge self and the tiger-skin loincloth that he was now wearing. Out of nowhere a giant iron club had appeared in his big hand. He took one giant leap and was on the roof of the house through the ceiling of the house. His sharp claws and the strong and long horns that stood on his big head gave him a fierce appearance. He felt the cool night breeze brush against his almost scaled skin. He felt elated. He looked like a monster but he felt powerful. He felt invincible and tonight he has a meeting with a certain man in the State’s Underground Security prison!


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