Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

By terror, I mean after using about 4 days at home, I began to feel nauseous and feverish. It was a minor one at first, then it got very serious. Although I have always fallen sick during every vacation, but this time around, it was very serious than usual. I mean, what kind of a boarder gets sick at home? Why can’t I get sick at school to avoid all chores? But this symptoms got to terrible that I became, pale and ned ridden for 3 weeks. I began to beg for forgiveness in my mind to the few seniors I have showed pepper to…The one I used stale toilet eater to wash het eating plate, the one I peed, spat and mixed spyrogyra water from JSS1 block to her water, and she used it to brush and bath. Eeeeeww right? You must be thinking I am wicked, but they deserve it. The former, I don’t even know her, she just saw me outside dinning hall and asked me to wash her plates and bring to her house. From Kuti to Olabisi😠😠, the latter sent for me, only to ask me to come dance as she heard about me, all my pleas to her that I feel sick fell to her deaf ears. Her resolve was to make me fetch water.
I reminisced on the major evils, I asked God to forgive and restore my strength. He answered my prayers and that of my mom, after which I had a break full of drugs, injections, herbs and drips. At least this time I didn’t have to face the terror of my mom’s yoruba classes, unlike my first term break😂😂. I went home with F in yoruba, brethen! It was during that break I learnt how to read and write yoruba with proper markings. My Mom is extra like that. Well, it was over, the glitch was I resumed some days later after my colleagues did.
And yes, the habit of me getting sick during every break continued for about 3 years. It became a norm my family got used to, before I get home, they are prepared. It only got better during my Jss3 second term break. I guess my body was already used to switching environments like that.
While at home, my Mom came home to tell me she met our distance cousin in a public transport. We have long lost contacts with them since we all packed out to various areas. She was glad and they began to talk about their family, only to discover I go to the same school with her daughter. Albeit older than me, when my mom mentioned her name, I wasn’t too happy. I know her, but I don’t like her, she was my dorm mate in my former house, SSS2 student, harsh and always screaming, I almost reported her. Well I got to school hoping she’d send for me and all, she didn’t but I decided to write her a letter, when she read it, she sent for me and wad very happy. Apparently, she mistook my name for a drama queen’s when her Mom told her, so she decided not to be in contact. Viola! I finally have a family member in Feggo. Pampering started 😂😂. She came in very handy till she left. I am just going to tell you about the very lovely and heartfelt ones, albeit they earned me some “feggo time” hating from all those a year seniors😟😟. Every Feggocian can testify there’s no enmity that surpasses that of a year senior and junior. That’s the most annoying and terrible enmity. It elevates the tiniest issue. What an Ss2 would take from a Jss1 girl, she’d never forgive an Sss1 girl for it.
I resumed to school after a break in my Jss2, only to find out that there is a new arm being created, and they were going to reshuffle some students from various classes to that class . That was the beginning of a nightmare, I love my classmates, I do not want to be “unlucky” again.



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March 18, 2018 at 6:15 pm

Nice write up😊
Very relatable

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