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He is handsome, generous, calm, a lover of music and ultimately single. He is Agboola Oluwatunmise Oluwatosin, whom many people know as Babatunmise @iambabatunmise. This gospel artist who was born on the 27th of March and is in his twenties (20s) is a graduate of English from Lead City University, Ibadan. According to him, he had always been curious about discovering life and this seems to be the reason behind his flair for entertainment from a tender age.
However, unlike many other people, music didn’t come so easy for him, as he started out first with acting in church, after which he joined a dance troupe shortly after. In all of these however, he found no fulfilment until he discovered his love for music and that was the beginning of his success story. Despite the discouragement he got from people, especially his sister, he officially started his career as a gospel artist in 2007 with “Mighty Baba” as his first song and in 2010, his single with Mike Abdul; “Awimayehun” brought him into limelight. Now, in 2018, Babatunmise has released several other annointed songs and an album which is titled “Ogo Ola”.
“Nothing good comes easy” he admits and states that financial incapability to do most of the things he really wants to do, such as recording and marketing of his songs, is one major challenge he has been facing so far being an artist.
Our “single” guest says he has no scandals and doubts he ever will because he doesn’t cross his boundaries. Also, being a young, dynamic and daring young man, is one thing that makes him unique amongst his other colleagues, in addition to the fact that people tend to judge capabilities based on age and he seems to have beat that.
“Ibadan Are You Ready! Oyo State Are You Prepared!! Nigeria Are You Anticipating!!! because Babatunmise’s annual BLIC event (Babatunmise Live In Concert) is coming up this Sunday, 25th March 2018 at Jogor Center by 2pm and guess what? It’s FREE. Isn’t that amazing? Anyway, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this for anything, because many of your favorites artists like Funsho Adeolu, Yinka Ayefele, Mike Abdul, lafup and many others will be there. That isn’t all o, he is planning to further take BLIC to university campuses and secondary schools. I’m sure this will excite you as much as I am excited.
For Babatunmise, God, The Holy Spirit and the fear of failure drives him to be better. Just before we end this, Babatunmise has a message to you all his fans. He says;
“I love the way you love me. You are a big part of my success. You are my encouragement. I love you guys right back. Don’t stop loving me.


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