Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

That morning, we were in a music class when a teacher came with this dreaded reshuffle lists. I was silently hoping that my name won’t be called, I loved my classmates and I’ve grown so fond of them. But, it’s like I’m stuck on being reshuffled, I heard my name, and I started crying, like hell! I got uprooted from my hostel, can’t a girl just stay in a place? I didn’t have a choice, I moved.
New class, new friends, new seat mate and of course new adaptation to a lot of things. Seeing my new classmates, majority were people I do not like amd I do not hate either, some I have issues with their attitude, it took a while, but with time, I-we adjusted, and we were becoming the dream of all other arms. Smart, intelligent, friendly and jaunty set of girls all together. Though, we didn’t make a good click with our neighbour arm, some sort of childish beef. It was all going well until a fateful night.
After dinner, we went to class for night prep, apparently this girl(a year senior) has always has issues with me. she says I’m politely rude…what is that? Well that night, her claim was I was rude to her in the dinning hall, she came with her little click, before I knew what was going on, a hand landed on my face, what?! Oh well, here’s the highlight…
In less than five minutes, my cousin arrived with her friends too. Apparently, my seat mate and some of my classmates went to her class to call her. She asked the girl to follow her to her class, I followed her too. Before any question, she slapped her twice😂. That made my day already. And then, as you would guess, thorough punishment went through. Till my cousin left school, she never tried to cross my part, at least I enjoyed it while it lasted. I spent the whole of my Jss2 as well as I could, adjusting to reshuffled dorm and class. Wasn’t as bad as I thought.
But then, there are hostel demons who won’t let you rest. The seniors who can’t seem to bath their own body, the ones that your earrings will appeal to, the ones that your drinking water is their fetish, the ones who will ask you to bring your Saturday akara for them, the ones who will steal your money. Unfortunately, I had them all in my dorm😬😬. But I survived, we survived, my fellow junior dorm mates and I. We had quite a reputation in that hostel, even our Matron knows. That woman, Iya Akanji!! A no nonsense, fierce and mostly wicked woman. She made 3am bath seem like a normal routine, regardless of the weather. Especially those days when you have to go for early morning jog, during second term in preparation for Inter-house sports. All in the bid for the hostel to maintain her first position in neatness. Kuti girls practically open the dinning hall every morning, we are about an hour earlier than other students.
To think of it, I think my insomnia was triggered by those days when I just have 3 hours of sleep. Feggo did this in a long time. A Jss2 well spent, it was all memorable, recounting from the moments I ate contraband from seniors and when my bunkmate met her pen pal (Pen Pal-story for another day).
Next session was to begin, no repeating of class, we moving to next level, the part where I gotta be serious or I won’t get to Sss1😬. Junior waec is at hand, boom! First love happens
To be cotinued…




Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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