Cosmic Encounters

Chapter Two

The two men have been sitting in the car for the past four hours. Their black Nissan is parked just outside Guerrilla night club. Toni the one sitting on the driver seat wondered why it is named Guerrilla. Perhaps the owner was once a war veteran or he simply believes that life was another space for guerrilla tactics to thrive. Shit. He doesn’t know why it is named Guerrilla. He has a bigger problem on his plate right now. Their mission tonight is a simple one—get a human head. This is not the first Toni has been contracted for an assignment like this. But today’s assignment comes with some real specifics.

Toni looks across at his companion on this mission. He is sitting beside Toni with his seat reclined and his legs resting on the dashboard. Companion? No. Companion is too vulnerable a word to use for this fellow. He chews hard on the gum in his mouth as he think. Henchman! Yes, that’s the perfect word for his description. His name is Khuka Pipo. That’s not his real name of course—no fucking Nigerian bears that shit as a name. Anyway the Governor had hired him two years after his dramatic victory at the governorship polls. His face is fearsome to look upon. The two serrated lines that run across his face in vertical fashions tell of horrific stories in the past. Rumour has it that he had killed about twenty five people in his middle age career. That’s a record in this line of business. Toni has only three in his coffer. Pipo was the man who annihilated that parrot-mouthed journalist who was investigating the Governor’s offshore accounts. Pipo sneaked into his hotel room in the night. He woke the fellow up and his naked whore for the night. He shot the girl in the head before the bitch could scream at the sight of his terrible face. He motioned for the frightened reporter to move to the bathroom. He made him strip naked and shot him in the head. He kills all his victims in this manner because he believes when they are naked before him he could see the content of their soul and decide whether to send them to hell or heaven.
He hardly said a word. He could sit with you for hours without uttering a single word. He speaks only when spoken to and believes that small talks are unnecessary evils in their line of business. This is their second mission together and it must be an important one anytime the Governor requests his presence.

Toni looks outside at the bright lights of Guerrilla’s night club. This is the most popular night club in this part of town. The place is usually saturated with young boys and girls mostly from the State’s university where most of them study. On a Saturday night like this it is always filled beyond imagination. Toni knows this club reasonably well. He had picked up girls here on several occasions and he knows that there is always some fomenter who is thrown out for fighting or grabbing a drunken girl by the breast or something even more stupid. Tonight they were waiting outside for one of such hotheads. They only pray that he is bald. They have not been lucky in the past four hours or thereabout. Four fomenters have been thrown out with none of them having the feature they are looking out for. Now it is almost 2 a.m.

Just then gate of the club is flung open and two hefty looking bouncers throw out another lanky looking hothead. They closed the gate before he could finish raining curses on them. In his drunken state he staggers about looking for something on the ground. Right now the alcohol in his system is playing some sad terrible jokes with his brain.

Toni looks at the guy with pity. He remembered his father and how he would soak himself with dry gin from dawn to dusk only to sleep and wake up in the gutters. His memory annoys him. He hates his father. He was still looking at the guy but something about his feature has caught his attention. What is it? Yes, the guy’s head. Something about his head has drawn his attention. He taps Pipo on the shoulder and points at the guy. From Pipo’s vintage position he could see that the young man is bald but he is not too sure. This is nothing short of pure luck! They sprang into action.
They have to be fast before any soul steps out of the club and see them.
“They must be really crazy to send a handsome looking guy like you from the dance floor” Toni said in a casual voice. Yes. He is definitely bald. He cannot believe their luck!
“They are all jealous. I beat them all…on…the…dance floor.” The fellow replied. He did not notice as Pipo sneaked up to his back.
“I am sure you did” Toni continued. Pipo unfold the white egg from the red piece of cloth and breaks it exactly on the bald spot of the young man’s head. His eyes turned red for a split second as he gave a shriek and slumps to the ground. Pipo carried him on his shoulder like a sack of garri. They dumped him in the boot of the car. Toni already had the engine running as they zoom off to the safe house where the decapitation will take place like all the previous ones…


And he did it…  Now what follows?

Watch out next week


Written by Umukoro Isaac


Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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April 1, 2018 at 9:12 am

This is very interesting Isaac, keep the fire burning.

April 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Thanks guys. Really appreciate all the beautiful comments. Breeze much respect.

April 2, 2018 at 12:28 am

Bravo! This is a very interesting piece.

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