I woke up exceptionally happy that morning, as I saw my wedding dress smiling innocently at me where it was carefully hung. I had heard several tales of what it feels like to get married but experiencing is a different ball game entirely, as I was both anxious and expectant of my special day.

Before I knew it, I was dialling Oluwafunso’s number, the number of the man who is making me the happiest woman on earth. “I can’t sleep” I confessed immediately I heard him pick the call and he chuckled in response to what I said. That chuckle simply brought back the memory of the first day we met, the day I made up my mind to have that smile with me all my life. Although our relationship had no definition at that very point, I trusted my feelings. “You need to sleep so you can look radiant for me in the morning, okay?” he sweetly ordered and as if that was my cue to sleep, I slept off almost immediately I dropped the call.
I woke up at 5am with the memory of the day I met my man playing in my head. It was in my best friend’s and now my best lady’s birthday and yes, his smile attracted me to him, noticing him from the moment he stepped into the party. I was so busy that day that I barely took notice of his elegance until it was time to get his table served and as I led the servers to the table, my eyes settled on him fully. For the first time that day, I was conscious of my dressing, wishing I had a little make up on. I lifted the cup from the tray to serve him myself when my hand slipped, pouring the whole drink on his white suit. “I…, I’m… deeply sorry” I quickly apologised, running off out of embarrassment. The problem however wasn’t that I was embarrassed but the person, I embarrassed myself before and that very moment, I decided to follow the advice of my best friend and try to enjoy the party a little, putting people in charge. I looked at myself in the mirror after I had changed my clothes and had my make up on, and I needed no one to tell me I looked amazingly gorgeous as I stepped out of the room, filled with pride and inward beauty. I closed the door of the room, only to be startled by the man whom I had just soiled his cloth, smiling broadly at me. “Hi, I’m Funsho and I’m sorry for bumping into you like that but I didn’t want you avoiding me, so I pleaded with your friend to allow me see you” he said apologetically but all I could reply him with was a smile. The next five minutes was less awkward as he instantly started a conversation and before I knew it, we were walking hand in hand back into the party which I would say, marked the beginning of our journey together as a couple.

I turned on the shower in the bathroom which did not just serve the purpose of cooling my head but helping me reflect on how my man asked me to marry him. My engagement came in between my sister’s wedding and that made it really special because even imagining it as a little girl, I never thought it was going to be in front of my parents. I was my sister’s best lady and coincidentally or let me say as planned, I caught the bouquet and as I danced proudly to the podium, I noticed the other bridesmaid were forming a picture I couldn’t place. I looked closely and saw it was a letter L. I stood expectantly for the dance performance about to happen, because I knew how much my sister enjoyed dancing.  I was still trying to figure out what dance was about to be performed when I saw Oluwafunsho on his knees in front of me and with a ring in his hand, asking me to marry him. I looked at my sister who was laughing already and I immediately concluded she was a part of the plan. I looked next at my parents for approval and the smile on their faces already gave me an answer. Looking down at the man in front of me, with tears filled in my eyes, I screamed a yes, kissing him passionately, without minding the presence of my parents before he slipped the ring in my finger.
I got dressed and left the room with my bridesmaids but then, something unusual began to happen, my heart began to pound unnecessarily and my anxiety grew to fear. “Is something about to disrupt my wedding? I asked myself as I entered the car with my feet shaking uncontrollably.

What could possibly be wrong with a bride to be who is totally in love with her man?

Does it go sour after all?

Find out the end result of this beautiful love life next week.



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May 7, 2018 at 7:15 pm

Fascinating style of writing Wura! Can’t wait for next week. Welldone!

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