Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl


The Last two nights before resumption was spent chasing a mice from our dorm, we did all sort of horrible things to this mice but it didn’t leave the louvres, we sprayed insecticide, poured water, used broom but it didn’t come out. As we were doing all these things, the power went out. Everyone started running in the dark, hitting each other. Before we knew it, two people fell on a bunk and the bunk went down. Ding! Ding! Opportunity to punish this senior is here! !😬😂😂
As you may have imagined, we arranged the bunk as good as we could, though we knew if anyone is to sit on it, it’s a gone case. Yet we left it like that. As school resumed two days after, students came back from home, we ate, drank and jubilated seeing our friends again. This particular senior resumed around evening. Immediately she stepped in, we began to give signals to each other. She dropped her luggage in her corner, greeted everyone she could greet, after which she went to her corner, and she sat on the bed. BOOOOM!! The bunk went flat on her head, she was sandwiched between the upper and lower bunk😂😂😂😂. Evils right? Yes, we know. But she deserved it. We were laughing and saying sorry at the same time. No one ever guessed it was our handwork, everyone just assumed the bunk went from bad to worst.

Resumption went as fast as it came, we resumed normal class activities as usual, all Sss3 and Jss3 students preparing for final exams. Jss3 was good, hanging out with my new found love, our circle of friends, my clique and making memories was all that it was about. And I made as much friends as enemies. Though, we were happy to be moving to the next class, but any boarding school student would know about the enmity between a year senior and a year junior is terrible than that of a provocative polygamous home, especially that of Sss1 and Sss2. We are literally preparing our minds for exams as we were equally prepared for the “suffering” that will come with the new session.
Exams came and went, I believe a large number of us(Jss3 students) overcame our fears. After exams, we went home for our long break. I spent my break doing a large number of things. Every outing and visiting I haven’t had the liberty to take, I took it. Hanging out with my cousins and looking after my new born niece was the best part of it, I love kids. How can I ever forget everyday midnight calls with my baby? We spent a large part of the holiday bonding and connecting. And yes, that relationship put me in a trouble much more than I care to admit. Of course, it did put a strain to this fairytale love of mine (definitely story for another day).
The break was quite a beautiful one, results came out and I passed, so did my friends. But that 4 months felt like a month when we were to resume. We resumed, and the worst chapter In Feggo began. Definitely my worst session in school. And the head start of that worst was the day we were sorted into our various arms😬.


what “worse” could actually befall a senior girl?  Let’s find out next week what happed to this imperfectly perfect girl.



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