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Many girls, especially the short ones, if asked, enjoy to bask in the glamour of dating a handsome muscular guy. I guess it’s a psychological issue, but, there is this aura of security they get when their guy is well built. Oh well, this could be a reason most guys find themselves in the gym these days, for they also want to look hot. In recent times however, the gym has been filled with not just the men, but also the ladies, which makes one to imagine if there to more to the gym than just building the attractive “six packs”
It is quite sad to know that as much as “hot” bodies are appreciated outside, most of us fail to recognize the efforts that make that possible. One of these bodies include the Gym Instructor and or Personal Trainer. These are the two who are always at the gym to not only monitor how the equipment are used, but, also monitor the growth of the client. It is important to note that these two play different functions, but are most times, done by one person. i.e. a gym instructor stays in the gym to give instructions and monitor how the equipment are used; while a personal trainer is client specific.
A personal trainer is a qualified fitness instructor who provides one on one coaching sessions for clients. Let’s note the word “qualified” and this explains that the instructors we see out there are not just random guys who waste away their times in the gym, telling people what to do. They are professionals in their own field.
Usually, when a trainer gets a client, the first thing he does is to discuss fitness goals with her. He tries to understand his/her reason for coming to the gym, as it could be to gain muscles and keep fit among many others. Once that is settled, he goes ahead to discuss the training plan and duration with the client, as it is essential that the client understands what to do and expect in the course of the training. To begin the process, the instructor makes sure he takes the measurement of the client, and record blood pressure and body fat. This is usually done to track and monitor progress during the training session. The trainer takes the responsibility of providing dietary plan based on the purpose of the training and also pay attention to the client’s exercise form, work out routine and nutrition plan.
Being a gym instructor or a personal trainer is one of the most interesting, yet, misconstrued profession in the world today, majorly because people don’t understand what it takes to be one. To most, especially men, they see personal trainers as threats ready to snatch their partners which forms the basis of most of the problems faced by the trainers. It is important that people acknowledge that they are there to work and nothing more. On the part of the instructors also, it is vital that they do not present themselves in ways that will make their clients question their profession. Let nothing personal get in between work.
About where to find personal trainers, some of them are always present in the gym, while most of them are accessible on social media, and some even do online training session for interested people. We will agree, that just like doctors, personal fitness trainers are concerned with making sure their clients stay healthy and fit, which makes them important parts of our society and should be treated with respect.
For every passionate and potential gym instructor out there, you’ve got the best profession.



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