‘Are you alright?’ my best friend asked me after the car moved out of the compound, I tried to speak but my mouth became too weak to say anything and before I knew what was going on, tears began to roll down my cheeks. My best friend became so scared and helpless as she looked at me, trying so hard to figure out what could have gone wrong because I had been exceptionally happy all week. I looked into her eyes and her eye balls opened up the memories of how we became friends. I knew her as far as back in my 100 level days, we even took some courses together, but we never got to say anything beyond casual greetings but as fate would have it, we were posted to the same state and even the same place of primary assignment; that was when I discovered how much of a blessing she is to me. She was a shoulder I could lean on anytime, a statue I could pour my frustration on, a backup I could so much trust. She shook me hard, jerking me from my thoughts and told me she was sure I was making the right choice. I came back from my memory lane to see we had gotten to the front of the church. She quickly adjusted my make-up which my tears had soiled and together, we walked gracefully out of the car, with my father waiting patiently for the one girl, he so much treasured.

I walked into the church and needed no one to tell me how stunningly beautiful I was, I also needed no one to explain the love I could read all over the face of my man, the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with. The service started almost immediately and before I knew it, we were taking our marriage vows and from nowhere, my fears came again. By now,  I was sweating profusely. And, the moment came, the moment I have always dreaded, the moment that almost determines what happens next, that moment of announcement. The pastor asked if there was anyone who would not want us to be joined and my fears burst open as my face began to go dim. I saw her move forward, yes her, I saw her step out with tears gushing down her cheeks, I saw her kneel in front of me, sobbing seriously and I knew my fears had been real. My best friend started begging me that it took her this long to open up to me but my man had been her man all along and he begged her to be patient. Before she knew what was going on, he fell in love with me. She told me how angry she was planning my surprise engagement and added that she couldn’t just see this wedding through, not even as my best lady. I looked up at the man who has made me the most embarrassed bride of the century and my eyes began to open as I heard the pastor pronounce us out of nowhere.
The scent of the man who had just betrayed me came closer as he whispered to me; “baby, are you alright? You look totally lost”. I looked back and I saw my best friend smiling broadly at me, with evidence stating she never left that spot. “You may now kiss the bride” I could hear the words of the pastor clearly and it was at that point I discovered it had been a mere imagination all along and nothing was coming between my man and I. I smiled as I kissed him back;

I have my man forever after all.

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May 12, 2018 at 12:16 pm

OMG… I love this story.

May 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Chaiii I was engrossed…

May 16, 2018 at 8:40 pm

I just discovered your blog, and I’ve been glued … this one got me

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