Tales Of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

Sorting into our various arms was the first focus when we resumed, I found myself amidst people I liked, those i had little differences with, and people who I was indifferent about. I chose a seat mate, quickly clicked with those I liked to an extent, so we made a roll. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. In few days, we all clicked. We were beginning to love ourselves. And then my front partner decided to form a food monger songs for those Sss2 girls😬😬. The school came with a new dimension when we resumed, and that was forming tables with seniors. My God! You could imagine, they made us feel like we didn’t pay school fees but they did, they ate very large portion and left us to share the little that was left. So that was how the song came about.
Well, they found out about the song. . But it was left for the person who composed it to come forth. At a point when I decided to, she already owned up, but it wasn’t so bad, after all she was quiet and lovable. Ss1 came with too many stress, we were drilled and used. Did all unnecessary and frustrating chores just so some people could enjoy the toxity of “senior”.

In the midst of these, we had a new principal, she was the most motherly and caring school staff I’ve ever come accross. Although a disciplinarian, strict, and  firm with words, she never failed to shower us with love (commendable traits from someone who spent 19 years being a staff/principal of King’s college). The best part of her tenure was curbing unnecessary punishments and seniority, if you treat any student badly, you are either going on suspension or getting deboarded. She had zero tolerance for bullying. God, just when I thought I had escaped the little punishment that may have been reserved for me from junior days, I went visiting some Sss3 students with my clique.
These Sss3 students were like school sisters to 4 of us. We got to their house on a fateful saturday evening after visiting day. We got talking, they began to tell us about their least favourite Ss2 students, they called some names, we all laughed it off. Cause we believed we were safe.
After chatting with them, they began to call some Ss2 students in their hostel, just to fix us up with them. Naaah!! I didn’t like that, not even this hostel, they are known for pride and unnecessary forming, asides that, I still had my baby, (yes, we were still together). We were paired and left to talk. There was no much I and my partner could say, I guess we had the same feeling, she didn’t like it either. I couldn’t wait for the fix us to be over. When we were set to leave, the seniors made sure they saw us off to our hostels, together with the Ss2 seniors they paired us with. We said our good nights, and that was it.

At least, that was what I thought. We were on the assembly on monday when I heard someone was looking for me, I was baffled cause it didn’t sound good. They found me, it appeared to be a senior who is also a ward to my guardian and another lady whom I’ve barely heard of or seen. The senior said, this is the girl, and the other stranger said, “Oh!,Really?” And they left. I was dumbfounded and dumbstruck at a time, like can someone tel me what just happened here? I don’t understand. Little did I know was going to understand more than I ever knew soon.
During afternoon prep, someone came to my class, apparently, I was being summoned by the stranger lady from the assembly ground. I was scared and confused, but I went.



What has BABYGALFORLIFE gotten her self into this time?

Find out next week.



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