Takes of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

I refused to receive this sense. This particular night, we were all in class for night prep. But I thought, I needed to wash my cloths and sleep early as the next day promises to be very busy. Weekend. So I thought, I was going to leave the class earlier than other students so I can scale in. So I did, I left 15 minutes to the end and I scaled into my hostel through the common room window. As God would have it, the prefects decided not to allow Ss1 girls enter the hostel yet, and that was how my wind blew off my chicken ass to the world😭. I was washing when they entered and they caught me. My God! If I wasn’t strong, I would have just given up my life there. I was beaten to stupor and told to go to Ss2 block the next day. Beating and punishment continues. Even my mates were pitying me already. Like, from one punishment to another. In span of less than a month. Well, as guessed, I survived that too. It passed. But then again, I didn’t receive sense😂😂😂.
You all must be thinking “this girl is a goat” , yea I earned the thoughts. No offense taken😊😘. We went to dining on this particular day, but I had plans for my bread, I wanted to make quick toast. Butter in between then, I iron press it. But you know fresh bread has a way of disgracing it’s ancestors. Immediately I got it out of my bag, the House perfect in my dorm perceived it. And she asked me to come forth. First off, I don’t understand what happened to that bread till date, secondly, the punishment I served that day made me rethink my love for bread. Slaps and hangers were competiting sounds on my body. From there to cleaning the hostel and cutting grass. Aaah! Aunty house captain, on top bread out of dining?! This day passed too. Then I really got sick, Ss1 was very exhausting. From punishments, to the moment that were actually fun, to the moments when some seniors went home for suspension for being a witch, while some were suspended for raiding and eating meat that didn’t belong to them in the dining hall. Funny right? I’d go home for suspension, mom would ask why and I’d say it’s because I ate meat😂😂😂. I will eat nothing but meat for the next two weeks in that house.
I made friends at the end of the term, with some who punished me, with some who got closer and realised they had wrong notions all the while. I stayed away from some friends. Most importantly, I learnt a lot, and I discovered I could be stronger than I ever thought. My Sss1 is exactly what one would call, a bitter sweet experience. And yes, I passed, wasn’t promoted on trial , despite all odds, I came out a winner. And then I heard the girl who punished me cause she wanted what I had is repeating her class, Ss2. Lol! Life is funny with the way it sticks you right In the ass. We became classmates. Ss2. No senior! I looked forward to Ss2 with pride. Come next term, we see how this plays out.


You want to know what drama will erupt?   Watch out next week
To be continued…




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June 22, 2018 at 11:27 pm

I love your consistency, please keep it up

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