Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

It was a indeed a very beautiful beginning, SS2 began beautifully with no strained thoughts about punishment whatsoever. I mean I made up my mind during the break, whatsoever I’d be going through in that session wouldn’t be as worse as what I went through during the previous one, also new students SS1 would be coming in. It was as simple as that, by the way, I planned to be better and safer. At least play my rebel game safe.
The term began with mending of a few broken relationships, I finally made peace with a lot that happened, and I was making my way to mending the hurts and betrayals. Some of those evil ss3 girls I stayed away from, there was this particular girl I rinsed her cup for (that’s one of those things I hate(d) most. You don’t ever tell me to wash the cup YOU used in eating! She forced me to,I went to the toilet, rinsed it with toilet water and mopping water. Took it back to her, she had cornflakes with it immediately)😂😂. Do not call me evil! She knew she was gonna use her golden morn stained cup to have cornflakes immediately. Why did she have to rinse it, if not for proving veto power? Lol, I saw her on the first day of resumption to Ss2 and I greeted her like I really liked her, the discomfort I felt afterwards was unbearable. She was one of the reasons I decided I don’t have to pretend or talk to you like I like you when I clearly don’t. The hypocrisy is overwhelming and exhausting. I felt that way until she did something else to impress me. You see I’m not that hard, you just got to show me you are genuine*winks*.
Which brings me here, when the new Ss1 girls came in, I said it, I do not want any bunkmate or responsibility and it stayed that way, unlike most of my mates who got “senior drunk”, (it wasn’t easy being the only set of junior for 4 years, we get it) I was more of doing the norms of every boarder, send them necessary errands,make friends with those worth it and ignore the rest who aren’t my friends. This got alot of people telling me I am acting like I never suffered. Most people expected me to retaliate and pass aggression of how I was treated to those who err me. But that’s not my life, its not how I roll,it’s not who I am. Most times, I wave it off nonchalantly, still I gave no room for disrespect. I mean, I knew my thoughts towards my senior when they did all the horrible things, I can’t bear anyone having those thoughts towards me.
A day came when this particular girl erred me for real, I was livid and I had to send for her. Her offence, she came to my class to meet her dorm girl, I made a statement and she replied me in a very rude manner, I didn’t even direct the statement to her. I had all sort of punishment in my head. Like ask her to clean the gutters in the hostel, or the dormitories, or fill every buckets in my dorm with water, or have her count boxes in a whole checked bedsheet. But when she came, she was sober, friendly and apologetic. I had no idea what to do with her, short way around the story, we became fast friends.
Ss2 definitely is a better version of ss1. Though, forever a rebel, what’s life without a bit of trouble? Some of the prefects were my friends, so I had to put them imto consideration when I decide to be troublesome. That didn’t stop me from eating my sunday jollof with indomie spice, neither did it stop me from using phones as opposed to school rules. In all, something interesting happened. Talk about karma being a bitch

What could have happened to this rebel turn saint?

Find out next week!





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