18 Jul

Important Ingredient in Marriage: Review of ACRIMONY

We are still kids, but we’re so in love, Fighting against all odds, I Know we’ll be alright this time… These were probably the words that rang in Melinda’s heart as she walked down the aisle to meet her man, in the midst of empty chairs. As she took each step towards him, she knew […]

16 Jul

Tales Of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY-ONE While we were still trying to drag our lazy bodies out of bed, the soldiers were in our rooms already. No room for slacking, we were given 5 minutes to get dressed and get ready for the morning session. After leaving, we were instructed to go for devotion, from there we went to […]

04 Jul

How to Keep My Woman

When I bought that sexy yet adorable dress, I could tell how perfect it will look on her, and trust me, I wasn’t wrong. I had many pictures of her play in my head as I waited patiently by my car, after delivering the dress. As she took her gorgeous, calculated steps towards me that […]

01 Jul

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY My parents and I got to the sea jetty and we met some of my schoolmates already. Those who live in Oyo and it’s environs came with the school transport, the rest of us met them there. It was feeling good already. I was excited about the sea experience as the sea school […]