Tales of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

The next few days were filled with lots of interesting activities, mostly competitive. Trust me, I wasn’t so excited about that part too. Reason being that my watch members always found a way of misbehaving, having the “I know it all attitude”, not condescending to the leader, in the end we got last position in every competition. Even cleaning the room was bad. But I do not regret the process or time spent working together at least. I learnt a great deal.
The skill acquisition part was also fun and educating. Soap making, bead making, vaseline and so on. Then the part where we had to go through military drills. As scary as some of them were, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It gave me a kind of life and brought out a daring part of me I never thought existed. From tying the manolin ropes, to climbing walls, walking on ropes, finding our way through the barb wires and other small and not so convenient places. It was all fun and mind opening. At that point I knew, there was nothing I couldn’t do as long as my mind was into it.
How do I skip this part, I know you all have been waiting, boy drama😊😀. I had few toasters, while I hear the gist of some of my friends making out, or guys buying them a lot of things, I found a way to avoid my own toasters. I appreciated the approach one had. A friendly and smiling face, asking about my wrist watch, telling me he wanted to be friends, but we both knew better.The worst part was, before he came to me, I never noticed him, but afterwards, it was like we purposely bump into each other everyday! Oh my God! But I was bent on keeping my young self away from flimsy and baseless relationships. Majority of my friends forgot about their “Island boyfriends” as soon as we left. Yes, it could be fun andan way of enjoying the youthful age, but then, you’d agree it was a waste of emotions. I don’t have enough emotions for myself, Could not afford wastage.
Another very beautiful part of it was the meal! I had the notion we were going to have seafood all through since we were on water, well, we had beef and eggs all through. It wasn’t bad, but disappointing. But the quantity and quality of the meal covered for it, we were expecting some forced kind of meal, but there’s always rebounce after every normal meal. It was cool.
Here comes one of the loveliest moments of Island, the day our families were allowed to visit. I was so happy. I knew I was expecting someone from home, but the person and the experience is a suspense just like they did to me. (Payback time😜😜).
To be continued…



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