11 Aug

The Road

QUADRI DRAGS HIMSELF SLOWLY TO THE KITCHEN with pain slapping him at every movement. But he must do this. The hour has finally come. This is redemption. He is not going to be a coward. His father is a coward. He is not his father. Another paroxysm of pain shoots through his fragile body as […]

23 Jun


SUNBEAMS DANCE THROUGH THE SLATTED BLINDS INTO THE half lit room where magic is starting to brew. I swear he is an artist. The way Nick softly rubs his wet lips and tongue over her left earlobe: searching and always finding, like an artist intricately painting his filigrees: makes her shudder with riveting desires. Engrossed […]

12 Jun

The World of Social Media

Tweets are dropping, emotions are rising, friendships are being broken and names are being made. All of these and more are things that happen in this current world of technology, where social media has become the standard of measuring success for so many people and an hiding place for some others. You will agree with […]

19 Apr

Love And Genotype

“I love you, but I have to let you go”. Those were the most hurting words I had heard all my life. I cried like a baby and I couldn’t believe a grown man like me could cry so hard. “hard guy, hard guy; but I was madly in love with this woman who had […]

23 Mar

World Water Day

World Water Day 2019 It is the World Water Day again. Unfortunately and sadly, the issues around water poverty is still very rife even after so many years of man knowing how critically important it is to have access to (clean) water. Water is not just a natural resources but a basic and essential survival […]

09 Mar

Samuel Olaseinde

It was very fascinating watching the young boy act in films and he even carries lines that we find rather difficult. Now, he’s grown and it is time to find out how he could captivate us to well as a young boy. His name is Samuel Olaoluwa Olaseinde, aka omo Ajirebi @samuelajirebi. This young boy […]

22 Feb

Long Distance Relationship

  The excitement dropped, the communication sank and the friendship deteriorated. She has been my girlfriend for about two years and I can boastfully say my relationship with her has been my best so far. She just seemed to understand me and she was the best person in my corner until when I had to […]

25 Jan

How Do You Grieve?

HOW DO YOU GRIEVE? Dámilọ́lá Ọládòyìnbó Sometimes, life hits us with the most unexpected, unprecedented and totally unassumable. 14th March would make it 18 years since my favourite uncle passed away. I suffered chronic insomnia for 13 good years. One of those nights in final year I was up. My ears were plugged and at […]

20 Jan

My Love and My Fears

The doctor began to loosen the stitches, he untied the threads and cleaned up her wounds. “Hey honey, you’ll be fine” he said. She smiled faintly and a tear dropped from her left eye. “You’re really strong, really really strong” the nurse whispered softly into her ears. How did she get here? Where was she? […]

16 Jan

My Lover’s Best friend

1 “She’s my best friend, and there is nothing you can do about it”. The exhausting argument went on and I could bet it was a battle I was never going to win. He has made it crystal clear that he can’t trade his best friend for anything or anyone; not even for me, or […]