02 Jun

Art Thy Bae’s Bae?

I really do not know where to start from. All I know is that I have seen better days. Ironically, if this over hyped biological clock of a thing has taught me anything, it is that God’s time is the best. So until Mr Right finally decides to show up, I’d be here chilling on […]

05 May

Fate Is Always On Time

Ebuka Ogbonna could feel the sweat on his face. His entire body is on fire right now in this sweaty viewing center. Today is going to be a day he remembers for the rest of his life. Today he climbs from the ugly position of poverty to the status of a millionaire. In exactly fifty […]

11 Feb

Gold Digger

Tom laughed softly and pressed a long kiss on my lips. From lip to lip he progressed. ‘You should rest now, you need to sleep Tom.’ Tom’s answer to that was to hold me by the waist softly. He said, ‘I need you more baby,’ with no smile but hot-eyes graze that made me pass […]

10 Feb

Dicey Moment

I could not get my eyes off the parking lot as I was discussing with some of my classmates. They couldn’t understand the reason for my distraction until they saw me rush off to the car park as my dad’s car pulled in. I couldn’t wait to see what he has in store for me […]

21 Jan


A Sunday evening turned her llife. My Fadeke! Fadeke was a religious woman. She ws born and brought up in an MFM family and she grew up to become a very fierce prayer warrior. She was 30. She worked as a hostel mistress at a mission school in Surulere That day, she had just led […]

20 Jan


I wept, I wept at the thought of so many things, especially that of losing this man before me. I wept at the memories of the sorrowful and bitter moments shared with him. I wept at the thoughts of the wishes that never came through, I wept at the memories of my pleading eyes searching […]

14 Jan

Dear Gravity

For more than fifty decades, you have pulled me to the ground, now you are bent on swallowing me up. I don’t know how I would get through the test, or push through the pain. Everything in my life has happened by surprise, I can never win at anything. Nothing is stepping in, but all […]

13 Jan

My Other Room

“I’ll be waiting for you in the other room”. I heard his distant yet clear voice and I immediately grew pale. The stories of the other room I heard differed from the one I experienced. I heard the other room is full of ecstasy, full of emotions, full of love and full of life. I […]

06 Jan


The first time I ran down this staircase, we ran down the stairs together. It was a happy experience as we were both giggling and laughing out so loud. He chased me round the house and each time he almost caught up with me, he would slow down a bit to watch me run tenderly. […]

01 Jan


Comfort- that’s her name. The lemon chair- that’s her favorite spot. Her name is not just a mere nomenclature, rather, it bears the very significance in its deeper meaning. She is my comfort, my ever gallant shoulder to lean on, my ever standing pillar to rest on. I could go on and on about how […]