07 May

Fitness Trainer

Many girls, especially the short ones, if asked, enjoy to bask in the glamour of dating a handsome muscular guy. I guess it’s a psychological issue, but, there is this aura of security they get when their guy is well built. Oh well, this could be a reason most guys find themselves in the gym […]

22 Jan


If they give you memories, why disrespect them? Many of us like to take pictures and many of us love to have memories of events, but, how many people value the people who give them the memories. PHOTOGRAPHERS! Photography overtime, is seen as the least of the entrepreneurial jobs and it is quite funny to […]

15 Jan


The hot sun. The buzzling of the wind. The heavy rain. The insults. The splash of water. The muddy ground… All of these and more are parts of the daily experiences of some people. Each time we see a person with a woven basket or a tray, the first opinion we have of that person […]

08 Jan

Monday motivation

Someday, you will be fine. Your life will be what you want it to be, you will have friends who bring you lots of laughter. Someday, you will travel to Paris, to Moscow. You will take beautiful pictures in Dubai and you will take long evening walks on the street of New York. Someday, everything […]

08 Jan


When all seems bleak, What next? Many believe life is a mystery while few others see it as an illusion but one fact people are often blind to is that life is filled with myriads of people whose realities are built just in their imaginations and their actual existence is just a shadow. Many people […]