20 May


Ralia sat on the edge of the ruffled bed, with her teary eyes staring at the ceiling. She just paced into space with no thought in particular. Tears began to freely flow down her tender cheeks in torrents, as memories of the past flooded her mind as if to compound her problems. First, her mind […]

03 May

Why Angry?

I was angry. Well, maybe I still am, maybe I am not. All I know, all I remember, is that anger has become the order of the day. I was sitting quietly in the corner of my room, somewhere in an obscure part of the city, when rants from my colleagues snapped me out of […]

09 Mar

Beyond the Wrinkle

Right here on this spot, he made me a woman. Yes he did. I was innocent, naive, young, fragile, full of life but scared. I didn’t allow their words to weigh me down. I made up my mind to be strong regardless but I guess I was wrong. They didn’t believe in me, they didn’t […]

08 Mar


I’ll sing you a song, only if you promise to dance to its tune A song of love, of strength, of patience and of praise Get the drums ready, get the tambourines, the harp and the flute Gather the people in the square For we shall not sing songs of triumph in closed doors The […]

22 Feb

Build OR Break?

I sat so close yet managed a few distance from my father as the Master of Ceremony kept calling out the awards in the midst of applause. My feet were beginning to shake uncontrollably as I looked at my dad. I remembered boasting to him that I would get nothing less than two awards, like […]

25 Jan


Libya, oh Libya Why have you cast your hand of terror on our brothers? You presume us weak and defenseless You think you see right through our weakness and deepest fears You exploit our hustle and struggle for survival You treat our brothers like animals and objects of domination You bound our brother’s wrists and […]

25 Jan

Now A Slave

“You are your state of mind”. That is one big truth that has been the driving force of every individual, whether consciously or unconsciously and just like being a hero is a state of mind, so is being a slave.” She reflected on these words as the truth gradually presented itself to her and she […]

18 Jan

Mama Africa

Gold is the strength that she wears, On her neck as a pendant. Black is the color of her skin, Because she was made raw, From the dust of the earth. Patience is her virtue, Hope is her backbone, Positivity is the aura that she exudes. She is tough, She is weak, She is emotional. […]

18 Jan

Broken Vessel

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I kept running amidst tears because I knew I needed to run as fast as my feet would carry me. I did not know how far my strength would carry me, nor did I realize when I will have belly cramps, but, what urged me […]

11 Jan

Money and Sex

In our modern age, certain things have become rampant and there are almost inseparable. One of these include Money and sex. We are so engrossed in the strange belief that it is normal to have sex with a man spending on you. As a matter of fact, money and sex have become major ingredients for […]