27 Feb


His eyes locked with mine and he winked. It was as if he already knew I’ve been staring at him all along. Whichever way, I looked away shyly, not sure if to blush or to be embarrased. He was undoubtedly cute, but, he didn’t look single. “A man like this can never be single” I […]

20 Feb

Key Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

Hey friends, you remember our last chat on the key ingredients for a healthy relationship? You remember we stated that love and commitment are two of the ingredients that we need? Let’s look into some of the other ingredients needed to make our relationships healthy. UNDERSTANDING: Let’s get this straight, a relationship that is void […]

06 Feb

Key Ingredient for a Lasting Relationship

1 The loving words… The beautiful dates… The long calls… Oh Yes, being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but, it can also be a problematic one. All depends on what you do to your relationship and how you treat it. Many of us have been victims of heartbreaks and broken relationships at […]

23 Jan

Under The Rain

The first time he saw her, It was under the rain. He hoped he would see her again, And he did. He couldn’t take his eyes of her, The whole time, she was all he starred at,, At a point he dashed his foot against a stone Just to get an accurate glance at her, […]

23 Jan


She asked him- “Are you going to stay this time?” He held her, kissed her on her beautiful forehead and said “I am back for good.” He left the next morning, he had gotten what he came for. The next time he came for more, she didn’t ask if he was going to stay. She […]

23 Jan

Before I DO

PASTOR: Do you take Tinu to be your loved wife for better, for worse. for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part? HUSBAND: No, I don’t. I know most of us do not pray to experience this, but, how many of us have actually made an effort not to […]

16 Jan


I had no idea what love meant, Until I met you. I was always alone, I enjoyed being alone. A lone wolf, a mute, That’s what they called me. The one with the tough heart, The impenetrable wall, Weirdo with a fine face was the alias. Slowly and quietly, You crawled up into my world, […]

16 Jan

Love Motivation2

The third time you kissed me, you were sitting at the far end of the bed. It was sunny day, you were looking into your phone, just by the window, a little bit of sunlight shining through the curtains, reflecting off your forehead. There you were, an angel on my bed, an angel who has […]

16 Jan

Before I DO

“Love! Wedding! Marriage!. The joy, fantasy and reality of mankind.” Being in love is one of the most amazing feeling that will tickle the fancy of any MAN. I mean, any true lover can attest that tying the knot with the one we love makes the day super remarkable in our lives; alongside the aura of […]

09 Jan

Toxic Relationship 2

Funke realized that the only reason she had an extra year was because of her friends, Fola and Wande. She held both friends in high esteem while they drowned her, unknowingly. They’ve been expelled and she had an extra year. Finally, she realized how much that was toxic to her but it wasn’t too late. […]