16 Jan

Before I DO

“Love! Wedding! Marriage!. The joy, fantasy and reality of mankind.” Being in love is one of the most amazing feeling that will tickle the fancy of any MAN. I mean, any true lover can attest that tying the knot with the one we love makes the day super remarkable in our lives; alongside the aura of […]

09 Jan

Toxic Relationship 2

Funke realized that the only reason she had an extra year was because of her friends, Fola and Wande. She held both friends in high esteem while they drowned her, unknowingly. They’ve been expelled and she had an extra year. Finally, she realized how much that was toxic to her but it wasn’t too late. […]

02 Jan

Toxic Relationship

Many times, we find ourselves in relationships we are not comfortable in but we always find ourselves stuck in these relationships regardless. Such relationships are toxic to us as humans and if nothing is done, they might lead to a disaster we won’t be able to manage. It is only a matter of time. It […]