06 May

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE 14 The Last two nights before resumption was spent chasing a mice from our dorm, we did all sort of horrible things to this mice but it didn’t leave the louvres, we sprayed insecticide, poured water, used broom but it didn’t come out. As we were doing all these things, the power went out. […]

05 May


I woke up exceptionally happy that morning, as I saw my wedding dress smiling innocently at me where it was carefully hung. I had heard several tales of what it feels like to get married but experiencing is a different ball game entirely, as I was both anxious and expectant of my special day. Before […]

07 Apr

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter three The wristwatch on Governor Bazoki’s hand reads 2 a.m. He is wearing his agbada as he makes his way towards Baba Gida’s shrine. He looks at the bag he is carrying feeling the weight of the human head wrapped with a red cloth inside it. He was scared to death walking alone in […]

01 Apr

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE THIRTEEN We resumed Jss3, it is a beautiful session every junior girl looks forward to. The part where you write your Junior Waec, go for four months break and resume as a senior girl😊. Apart from exams fever which was a very common, there was nothing else to fear. Though, remembering that we didn’t […]

31 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter Two The two men have been sitting in the car for the past four hours. Their black Nissan is parked just outside Guerrilla night club. Toni the one sitting on the driver seat wondered why it is named Guerrilla. Perhaps the owner was once a war veteran or he simply believes that life was […]

25 Mar

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWELVE That morning, we were in a music class when a teacher came with this dreaded reshuffle lists. I was silently hoping that my name won’t be called, I loved my classmates and I’ve grown so fond of them. But, it’s like I’m stuck on being reshuffled, I heard my name, and I started […]

24 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

There is fire on the mountain and even Zeus in all of his celestial powers is restless. Governor Bazoki gets up from his magnificent bed and heads for the toilet. He does not want to defecate. The toilet is like the only place in his big house that affords him the sagacity of thinking logically. […]

18 Mar

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE ELEVEN By terror, I mean after using about 4 days at home, I began to feel nauseous and feverish. It was a minor one at first, then it got very serious. Although I have always fallen sick during every vacation, but this time around, it was very serious than usual. I mean, what kind […]

17 Mar


Michael looked across the table at his friend Suki who have ben moody all day. He is no longer the friend that he used to know. A lot has changed about Suki since he returned back from National service. Michael has tried everything to bring him back to his usual self but all to no […]

11 Mar

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPUSODE 10 I was on my own on this fateful manual labour day. After doing a large portion of cutting grass, I decided to waltz my way to classroom, as I was leaving, I heard “junior girl in idia(purple) check”. Oh my God!😭😭. I knew it was based on errand, I turned to look at […]