04 Feb

Tales Of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

I was checked into the hostel by the house captain, and was also checked into a dormitory, between all the screams of “I want her to be my bunkie”, but, the house captain is not one to be controlled. She knew what she wanted to do, I was taken to dorm 3 and I was […]

03 Feb


Darola the tall guy threatened to beat some sense into his head if he failed to explain in plain English what the hell was going on. Suki, playing the role of a de facto leader and ordered Darola to calm down. He told everyone that the mumbling boy was speaking out of fear and that […]

28 Jan

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

Prrimary school ended on a good note, everyone eas glad the baby of the house is going to the next level. As expected there was a dilemma, everyone wanted me so close to home, but I was tired, I needed to live, I needed to explore and be alone, I needed the fresh air away […]

28 Jan


Everybody was confused. Those who were asleep before were now wide awake. Everybody turned to the mumbling boy who was now was sitting quietly on his seat.“The devil is coming” he repeatedly said under his breath. “What the fuck is going on?” one of the guys asked. Suki looked out the window. Pitch darkness covered […]

21 Jan

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

The baby? She had to be born. You can imagine the hell that let loose in that house, we were always silent, no one wanted to add to Mama’s tears or Dad’s utmost disappointment. We were all well behaved. After Mom and Dad accepted the reality, everything was calm. My sister became an egg that […]

20 Jan


Suki woke up that morning feeling sad and happy: sad because his National Youth Service days were finally over and happy because after a long time he was going to see his mother again and taste her delicious meals. The clock beside his bed read 4:30am. He got up from his bed with only his […]

14 Jan

Tales of an imperfectly perfect girl

No one was getting me, no one was seeing through this “perfect girl”. I wanted more! I wanted to live more and be heard. I was not bothered about having friends like my sisters, No! I learnt at a tender age, that if our dreams can’t align or we can’t make a positive pact in […]

07 Jan

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect girl

Growing up in the ghetto part of Lagos was fun, with the annual carnivals, talent hunt competitions, ever bustling music and streets. But anyone who knows Ajegunle in any way would say it’s not much of a good place to bring up a child, given the constant fights from the louts, picking of pockets and […]