01 Mar

Was I So Bad?

What did you feel when u pushed me? When you smacked me in the face? When you hit my head against the wall in your rage? When you disrespected my humanity? What was I to you? Nothing? Unworthy? Was I just a thing to you? Some kind of thing that holds no value or significance? […]

22 Jan

Monday Motivation

Break out, break the rules once in a while, be brave to take the tough decisions, aplogise later if you are wrong, but do something now, act now, don’t just sit around, fearing the consequences of actions you have not taken. Take the action, act, don’t remain in a psychological cage all your life, break […]

21 Jan

The Cages We Build

It’s not because you flogged me until my hands were sore, Or that you broke my head a couple of times with a touch. It’s not because you made me live with every momentary concubine, Or that you rebuked me till my hands went sour. It’s not because you are a shitty father. It is […]

15 Jan

Monday motivation2

Someday, it will all stop. And you may find something better than what you wanted. This is the storm before the calm, so, hold your own hands, rub them together and say a word of prayer. No one told you it was going to be easy and if they did, they lied. It’s time to […]

09 Jan

Love Motivation

I will not ask you not to fall in love, I have fallen too and I want to fall again someday. Love is not the problem, never was, never will be. The problem is how you love, how you continue to give pieces of yourself to people who were not taught to love the way […]