01 Apr

Grip Am

So my friend invited me to come see a stage play (Grip Am) yesterday, at first I was skeptical about going because I didn’t want to waste my rest day on something I won’t enjoy but after a lot of convincing I decided to go. On getting there I discovered the piece isn’t just your […]

15 Mar


“BLIC, BLIC BLIC”. I could hear different voices from my dreams. I was almost sure I was having a nightmare. I opened my eyes qietly and realized the noise was coming from my room. That made me angry, not because my roomates didn’t have the right to talk in the room, but because I was […]

28 Feb


Registrations are pouring in and it closes tonight. Do not miss the chance to join the Data Science and Ai Boot camp for intermediate developers interested in starting a Data Science Career. Register now for March Intermediate Class. Www.curators.ng/datascience School is between 5th and 9th March and requires commitment of availability from 8am to 2pm […]

28 Feb


When Adaugo and the girls gathered for their usual BFF meet-up, they soon realize how less they know each other. They soon find holes and patches and souls that need to be mended. An evening of no-holds-barred gist of the goings on under the pants and the experience of Atinuke will leave you gasping every […]

21 Feb


What’s your first attraction in a room? The floor? The curtains? Or the Bed? Well for me, it’s the Bed and that makes me sensitive to my bedsheets. I want to get home to feel so seduced to sleep, I want my man to be home and the sight of his bed sheets tempts him […]

20 Feb

April Touches

Everything happens at Apriltouches, with a creative and unique style… Contact us for Various Art designs(Wall paintings, Face paintings, Award plaques, Customized Tees and caps), Printing, Styling and our mind blowing approach to Event Management.

06 Feb

Rukewe and Julie

Rukewe and Julie is a pidgin stage play and also an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and juliet. It’s all about the love story of two lovers Rukewe Umukoro and Julie Otedola from two different families and Tribe; Old Bendel and Ekiti state i. e the south south and the yorubas. So much hatred grew […]

20 Jan


We were all born equal, but, some people became disabled… This doesn’t make them feel lesser than others, neither does it make others better than them; it only makes us understand how blessed we are. What then, is the state of these special people? The people we always term as the less privileged . The […]

15 Jan


Abbeycorn Furniture is a private owned furniture organization located in Ilorin, Kwara state but make deliveries across all states in Nigeria. It deals with Interior and Exterior furniture. Its main objective is to birth the imagination of people into furniture. That is; to create, build and bring into reality any form of furniture that exists […]