02 Nov

The Love of My Life

I have never been a believer of love at first sight, but all my senses were in agreement with this feeling. From the moment I entered into the bank and saw him, I knew he was the one. I had come here for a job, but I might be leaving here with the love of […]

18 Aug

Handling Sexual Advances

“If a man say come, make we nack. You go reason, you go think say, I sure say I wan nack this guy? If you con gree say you wan nack am, you go con call the man, tell am say, I don gree say I go nack you. You no make me nack you. […]

25 Jan

How Do You Grieve?

HOW DO YOU GRIEVE? Dámilọ́lá Ọládòyìnbó Sometimes, life hits us with the most unexpected, unprecedented and totally unassumable. 14th March would make it 18 years since my favourite uncle passed away. I suffered chronic insomnia for 13 good years. One of those nights in final year I was up. My ears were plugged and at […]

31 Oct

In Love With Two

Oh, her eyes, her eyes Make the stars look like they are not shining Her hair, her hair, Falls perfectly without her trying She’s so beautiful My heart skipped for a minute, with the song playing in the background synchronizing with the thoughts in my head and the words in my heart. I had just […]

12 Sep

My Lover’s Lover

His lips. That was what I kept staring at as he introduced himself to me. All I could think of was having a feel of it, and just as I was about to in my imaginary world, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. “What?” I asked and it was then I realized that […]

10 Sep


  That morning was different. The sun seemed to shine brighter, the wind seemed to blow harder and life just seemed sweeter. I got into the drop my friend had ordered for me (as I could not afford one) and I kept smiling to myself. “I am going to start the trip” the driver said, […]

07 Aug


I kissed you. You kissed me back. I scrolled my nails around your chest; You slipped your hand into my dress. I fondled your nipples. You fondled my breasts. I slowly unzipped your trousers. You hastily unzipped my dress. I stopped, You continued. I withdrew my lips, You tickled my pussy with your soft fingers, […]

05 Aug

Tales of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY TWO The next few days were filled with lots of interesting activities, mostly competitive. Trust me, I wasn’t so excited about that part too. Reason being that my watch members always found a way of misbehaving, having the “I know it all attitude”, not condescending to the leader, in the end we got […]

01 Jul

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY My parents and I got to the sea jetty and we met some of my schoolmates already. Those who live in Oyo and it’s environs came with the school transport, the rest of us met them there. It was feeling good already. I was excited about the sea experience as the sea school […]

27 May

The Tourists Coin – Toor Coin

Reports has shown that more than 290 Block-chain projects are launched per day. 89% of these projects are crypto-based. Out of these 89% cryptocurrencies. A minute portion of them are truly unique while the rest are just a better or a poorer version of an already existing similar idea. While majority of projects focus on […]