07 Mar

Our promise

I fell in love with you because you let me, because you said you got me, because you made me feel different. …and now, I am holding on to the memories we made, hoping this tunnel has a light somewhere. I have no idea where we are going, and you hate when I talk about […]

01 Mar

Was I So Bad?

What did you feel when u pushed me? When you smacked me in the face? When you hit my head against the wall in your rage? When you disrespected my humanity? What was I to you? Nothing? Unworthy? Was I just a thing to you? Some kind of thing that holds no value or significance? […]

28 Feb


Tonight,  I want to spread your legs,  eat you like watermellons. Tonight, I want to ravage you with orgasms,  make your thighs vibrate. Tonight,  I want to make hot dripping love to you, cuddle with you till you sleep.  But, tonight,  you won’t be here, I will be alone with my creepy and unholy thoughts. […]