05 Aug

Tales of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY TWO The next few days were filled with lots of interesting activities, mostly competitive. Trust me, I wasn’t so excited about that part too. Reason being that my watch members always found a way of misbehaving, having the “I know it all attitude”, not condescending to the leader, in the end we got […]

16 Jul

Tales Of An Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY-ONE While we were still trying to drag our lazy bodies out of bed, the soldiers were in our rooms already. No room for slacking, we were given 5 minutes to get dressed and get ready for the morning session. After leaving, we were instructed to go for devotion, from there we went to […]

01 Jul

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE TWENTY My parents and I got to the sea jetty and we met some of my schoolmates already. Those who live in Oyo and it’s environs came with the school transport, the rest of us met them there. It was feeling good already. I was excited about the sea experience as the sea school […]

24 Jun

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE NINETEEN We resumed Ss2 and everything was normal till I found out this girl who took every opportunity to punish me because of jealousy was repeating that class. Not to be evil or insensitive, but I was happy. God humbled her in the best way ever and as expected, talking to me became a […]

17 Jun

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE EIGHTEEN It was a indeed a very beautiful beginning, SS2 began beautifully with no strained thoughts about punishment whatsoever. I mean I made up my mind during the break, whatsoever I’d be going through in that session wouldn’t be as worse as what I went through during the previous one, also new students SS1 […]

10 Jun

Takes of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE SEVENTEEN I refused to receive this sense. This particular night, we were all in class for night prep. But I thought, I needed to wash my cloths and sleep early as the next day promises to be very busy. Weekend. So I thought, I was going to leave the class earlier than other students […]

27 May

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE SIXTEEN I left my classroom for SS2 block, and as usual, faced the whole ritual of “please excuse me, go back/enter”. I finally entered the classroom, but this lady told me to kneel. Like really? What is my offense? I don’t even know you exist until this morning. She says she knew me from […]

20 May

Tales Of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE FIFTEEN Sorting into our various arms was the first focus when we resumed, I found myself amidst people I liked, those i had little differences with, and people who I was indifferent about. I chose a seat mate, quickly clicked with those I liked to an extent, so we made a roll. It wasn’t […]

06 May

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE 14 The Last two nights before resumption was spent chasing a mice from our dorm, we did all sort of horrible things to this mice but it didn’t leave the louvres, we sprayed insecticide, poured water, used broom but it didn’t come out. As we were doing all these things, the power went out. […]

01 Apr

Tales of an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

EPISODE THIRTEEN We resumed Jss3, it is a beautiful session every junior girl looks forward to. The part where you write your Junior Waec, go for four months break and resume as a senior girl😊. Apart from exams fever which was a very common, there was nothing else to fear. Though, remembering that we didn’t […]