11 Aug

The Road

QUADRI DRAGS HIMSELF SLOWLY TO THE KITCHEN with pain slapping him at every movement. But he must do this. The hour has finally come. This is redemption. He is not going to be a coward. His father is a coward. He is not his father. Another paroxysm of pain shoots through his fragile body as […]

23 Jun


SUNBEAMS DANCE THROUGH THE SLATTED BLINDS INTO THE half lit room where magic is starting to brew. I swear he is an artist. The way Nick softly rubs his wet lips and tongue over her left earlobe: searching and always finding, like an artist intricately painting his filigrees: makes her shudder with riveting desires. Engrossed […]

05 May

Fate Is Always On Time

Ebuka Ogbonna could feel the sweat on his face. His entire body is on fire right now in this sweaty viewing center. Today is going to be a day he remembers for the rest of his life. Today he climbs from the ugly position of poverty to the status of a millionaire. In exactly fifty […]

07 Apr

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter three The wristwatch on Governor Bazoki’s hand reads 2 a.m. He is wearing his agbada as he makes his way towards Baba Gida’s shrine. He looks at the bag he is carrying feeling the weight of the human head wrapped with a red cloth inside it. He was scared to death walking alone in […]

31 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

Chapter Two The two men have been sitting in the car for the past four hours. Their black Nissan is parked just outside Guerrilla night club. Toni the one sitting on the driver seat wondered why it is named Guerrilla. Perhaps the owner was once a war veteran or he simply believes that life was […]

24 Mar

Cosmic Encounters

There is fire on the mountain and even Zeus in all of his celestial powers is restless. Governor Bazoki gets up from his magnificent bed and heads for the toilet. He does not want to defecate. The toilet is like the only place in his big house that affords him the sagacity of thinking logically. […]

17 Mar


Michael looked across the table at his friend Suki who have ben moody all day. He is no longer the friend that he used to know. A lot has changed about Suki since he returned back from National service. Michael has tried everything to bring him back to his usual self but all to no […]

03 Mar


Suki was confused and cold. He wish this was one terrible dream but deep down he knew that he was not dreaming and that frightened him the more. The Yehwe Zogbanu touched the small plant budding beside Suki with the tip of her long nail and it lit up with fire, with the other small […]

24 Feb


The Yehwe Zogbanu looked at Suki with tender eyes as a mother would look at her dear child. Suki sat up and tried to back away from the beast with his hands. Perplexed and scared, the forest suddenly felt eerie and terribly cold. He was also scared to his heart from merely looking at the […]