Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction is a global health issue affecting males of all age groups. It is a very distressing problem and it is usually difficult for those affected to seek help due to fear of mockery.
For those already suffering from this and those hoping to prevent it from happening, lifestyle changes are paramount. Healthy diet and regular exercise play vital roles in combating ED.
Research has shown that there is a significant link between Obesity and ED. Men who are overweight and have extra belly fat are more prone to ED compared to those who have athletic bodies or those who are lean.
It has also been noticed that obese men tend to have lower male sex hormones which in turn can lead to ED.
The following tips can help to prevent Erectile Dysfunction :
Eating healthy food. Diets rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains are beneficial while meals containing saturated fats should be limited.
Cholesterol reduction is also very important. High cholesterol levels cause narrowing of blood vessels including those supplying the penis. This can lead to poor erection and Erectile dysfunction
Regular exercise cannot be over emphasized. This helps to ensure adequate blood flow through out the body and also helps In weight control.
Maintaining a healthy weight sums it all up. Obese and overweight individuals should seek medical attention and work out ways to tackle these issues and improve their sexual health status.
Erectile dysfunction is becoming common in younger age group, but, early intervention can help to prevent the misery and sadness that comes with ED.

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