If they give you memories, why disrespect them?
Many of us like to take pictures and many of us love to have memories of events, but, how many people value the people who give them the memories.
Photography overtime, is seen as the least of the entrepreneurial jobs and it is quite funny to see how people disrespect a profession that they value its product. Many people share the opinion that this profession is for uneducated and lazy people, who are only struggling to make ends meet. Many people believe it is simply an escape route from poverty, hence undermine the power that lies within it. Truth be told, time has changed a lot of things and people now see photography better than they used to in time past, as people now see it as a lucrative business. Yet, photography as a business and photographers as people, are yet to be accorded the value they truly and really deserve. Friends, these guys provide us with memories that last several years and they put smiles on our faces by mere looking at pictures of events, occasions and experiences we treasure. These people buy expensive cameras and lights just to make us more beautiful and presentable than we actually looked when we took the picture. If we agree with all of these, it then bothers me why people fail to understand that unlike many professions, photography drives more on passion than it does on money and fame. A number of them usually start with zero or low capital but they move on with the drive that they put smiles on people’s faces. In addition, many of us must realize that although the profession may look shabby to some, an event pay of some of these photographers is the three month salary of some highly respected professions.
I will not be blind to the reality that the problem of stigmatization and underrating of photographers lie more with the photographers themselves, other than the people around them. Many of them lack the ability to hype their profession the way they want it to be valued. Truthfully, many of the respected profession out there earn their respect from the way the package themselves and push their profession out to the public. Photographers; Appreciate your job. No one can do that better for you.
There are certain things that are expected of a professional photographer, because in the world today, photography has gone beyond the dirty looking invading individuals. Photographers are classy and to be able to make people understand this, photographers must be able to;
One, be able to schedule your shoot and regardless of who you want to have a shoot with, always have your work planned out. In order to place a worth on what you do, make people understand you are not at their beck and call. In some cases, this point could be relative, especially for those who take passport photographers. However, the main point is, Never present yourself as too jobless to take up anything.
Two, be prepared for any shoot, whether it comes as an emergency or a scheduled one, make sure you are always prepared. It is unethical to just be setting up or preparing a shoot at the exact time it was scheduled to start. When you have a shoot, everything you need to use must be prepared; your equipment, studio and all. Also, your dressing and output is important. I mean, anyone can walk up to where you are and your dressing will do a big job in the kind of impression you give to them. Your approach is very important and you should never present yourself as a job hunting, poverty stricken individual. I have seen situations where bouncers allowed photographers with no appointment into an event and it has been because of how they look. At certain situations, you will have an appointment and still be bounced because you don’t meet up to the standard of the event. In short, PACKAGING is vital.
For those who do documentaries, please respect the privacy of people by seeking their permission before taking their pictures. Also, do not approach them as if you are doing them a favor and in situations where you need to take a spontaneous picture. Be smart about it.
Most importantly, know your niche. Don’t just go into photography, understand what type of photography drives you, gives you fulfillment and rekindles your fire. It could be documentaries, event photography, nude photography etc. Once you descover that, be knowledgeable about it, make it your focus and thrive to be excellent about it.
To be a great and legendary photographer, don’t chase the business of photography, chase the passion. Else, you will be frustrated.

So friends,
If you really value your pictures, Respect PHOTOGRAPHERS!


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January 22, 2018 at 6:02 pm

But i dont totally agree they disrespected… It just depend on the way they present and carry themselves…

    January 22, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    I agree with you. The truth is, we all have a role to play in this; while they are trying to be more presentable, we should learn to accord them the respect they deserve

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