Money and Sex

You all remember I had the girls the last time? Guess what…
Hey my darling men, I’m not letting you go this easy, you are twice as guilty, as we ladies can’t seem to satisfy you. You see a boss lady, you complain of her not making you feel like a”man” when it comes to your responsibilities. You see a lady who asks, you complain of her being a gold digger, in exchange for her body countless times, as a borehole that you are.
You know, enough of saying we like ready made men or we are gold diggers, I mean who doesn’t love a good life? Who doesn’t love to have everything beautiful around? You complain about yourself being broke, why should we like you that way? If you have been doing well and suddenly things turn, it is understandable and any reasonable woman would stay with you through tough times. But then, you don’t have to get the world in control before you can give. Share the little you have with your woman. A good woman would appreciate you.
Some of you prefer to spend on frivolities than your woman. You’d rather pay a fortune for one night stand than give it to your woman. Ever heard of the saying, “A good woman multiplies whatever she’s given”?. Give her a land, she’d turn it to a mansion, give her hundreds and watch it turn to millions. That’s how the thing goes.
I don’t like to use the word “fuckboy” but some of you bask in the typical act of one,” come to my house”, you’d say but all you think of sex with her, “let’s go out”, you will say again; this time, with the thought of banging your stipend out of her when next you meet her. You help her out once, you begin to get fake over your feelings just to get laid! You don’t get tired? Please see us more than sex object, we are worth more than that.
Some of you can’t even provide, but you’ll still play your ego, get abusive and all. The ones that will provide will tell us we ask for too much. Like our mothers didn’t demand much from our fathers. Newsflash! They demanded for what was in vogue, outings at the trending places, the hairdo in vogue, dates under trees, to mention but a few. But we ask different cause things have changed, we don’t ask for those things because they are not here, we ask for what’s in vogue. Don’t tell us we demand too much because you can’t do it. Don’t compare our needs to that of our parents cause it’s not same era. Things have changed so please allow your orientation to change.
You are not our fathers, but once you are romantically involved with a woman, you become each other’s responsibility. Provide for her and she does her quota. You want to claim head of the house? Act so! Have some sense of responsibility, don’t make her ask before you do little things that matter. These gestures go a long way for us.
Turning the table around, some of you feed off your women, thinking it makes you a champion, man of the year, the smart one. I hope you still feel good about yourself thinking about it. Give us the respect we deserve. Your money is not equal to the amazing person you can be to us. It’s why a rich man’s wife would cheat with a guy who has no money to offer. It’s more than money at times. Money is everything yet not everything.
Be the kind of man you’d pray for your daughters to end up with. Be proud of your existence.

BY Babygirlforlife

Wura is an inquisitive and outspoken young lady who is definitely not your average, regular girl. She is a writer who likes to have fun. This is her personal space, her canvas and most interestingly, her gossip place. She's your everyday gist partner.

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